My baby you…

I had a thing with little girl who loves Tv show like Dora The Explorer, Barney or Wonderpets. Because all those are education-based show and its a good learning ground for as early as 1 year old. Plus they look so cute rhyming the show’s tunes and wearing their merchandise garment/products. Unlike cartoon/tv show macam barbie, upin ipin, ben10 semua tu just for entertainment kan..Ada la here n there sikit educate abt good thing tp tak se-specific content Dora n those..I dont know much about parenting but it sounds fun.  And i dont have a baby sister/brother, so i have no experience on educating kids. Anak buah memang ramai tapi most their  mom lah yg byk spend time kan.

Selalu terfikir..i really want a baby girl kalau ada rezki nanti.. Sebab a thats it lah. haha.

I love seeing my anak buah, Yaya who loves singing and love Dora and wonderpets. I will inshaAllah encourage my baby girl to love these specific interest kinda things also.hehe

May i had a chance to be a good mother, if Allah wills. As much as parenting sounds fun, i know it needs a lot of patience, responsibility and time.  I wanna have a bedtime story moment(kisah anbia masuk skali ye), teaching her 1st words, singing to children song together, read books together, ajar her english and mannerism,  hold her so tight and never wanna let her go…awww i think i had a momsy rush suddenly tak pasal2..

#Those who educate children are more to be honoured than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.- Quote from @IslamicThinking via twitter

ps: This is random tought i had -Learn Al-Quran from tafsir is very good. Not to ask the children to hafal the surah blindly. Diorang pun tak sure of the purpose, most maybe tak diberi foundation of the kepentingan of reciting Al-Quran. So i rasa, baca Quran mcm baca buku dulu, that is the makna. That way, it immerse in them and they know what they are reciting. Contoh paling mudah is surah al fatihah. This is workable after dah lepas muqaddam/iqra’ yg basic. Means lepas kenal huruf jawi. Wallahualam.

Tanamkan sifat kasih our babies to Allah maha Pencipta and rasul-Nya..:)


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