#easygooddeeds is a trending topic started by IslamicThinking on twitter. This is small easy deeds that you can start/practice. Here goes :

1.Find reciters that you like and spend some time listening to recitation of the Quran.

2. Read the Quran and the meaning every day. Take the time out of your busy schedule to listen to Allah

3. Avoid eating too much. Do not eat unless you are hungry and try not to fill your stomach

4. Stand up for right, forbid evil. Just say no to gheebah.

5. Go to the masjid.

6. Spend more time reading Islamic books, especially the Seerah, Hadeeth, and Fiqh.

7. Start giving sadaqah daily, no matter how little. Make it a habit like eating and drinking.

8. Keep yourself in a state of wudhu most of the time.

9. Lower your gaze.

10. Perform the sunnah & nawafil salahs like tahajjud, ishraq, chast and salatul-tasbeeh, as much as possible

11. Talk to your non-Muslim friends about Islam. Have you taken the time to explain the basics to them?

12. Be with pious people and people of Allah. The company you keep, defines you.

13. Encourage your friends to come to the masjid to pray. Really big one this. You never know when you’ll change someones life.

14. Study the history of Islam. Learn about the Prophet SAW, sahaba, scholars and pious who have come before us.

15. Become a serious student of this Deen. Make it to the next Islamic class or speech. Shock your friends, bring a notebook.

16. Evaluate yourself daily before going bed. Thank Allah SWT for good deeds, repent to Him for your mistakes and sins.

17. Make dua before everything – sleeping, eating, studying, driving, etc.

18. Think of Allah SWT before you take any action by saying ‘Bismillah’.

ps: Im a social retard, i tweet, i fb and i blog..But i hope besides daily rants..Im giving something to people. Share things that i find interesting, useful and beneficial. Lets embrace social network as a medium to change/hijrah ourselves in any knowledge pun. Facebooking/Tweeting/Blogging for greater good. Lets!

Oh actually i nak highlight point 1 and 11

1.Find reciters that you like and spend some time listening to recitation of the Quran.

This is very effective to me. mashaAllah.Please if anyone nak mendalami Quran or change..please find the reciters that you like. It will make a huge difference to the whole process. Masa mula-mula nak baca secara konsisten, i kinda lost sebab perangai jahat datang kadang2. Bacaan pun tak baik. Then i start downloading surah. Actually i start downloading Asma Ul Husna yang slalu played over Astro oasis yg sangat2 tersentuh tu.. Then i d/load the Zikr Munajat yang sangat2 beautiful tu. Then baru download surah over 4shared and numerous webs. I bump in the recitation of Al-Qiyamah by Sheikh Mishary Rasheed Al- Afasy via links..suka2 click je..then i heard it over. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.Everything is perfect. Everythings feel fine when i heard it. Masa di Makkah i bought the Quran recitation CD by Afasy. Itu barang paling berharga yg i bought di makkah, not the dress, not anything else. (even though i know i can download it all over the net, tapi lain lah when u bought it in Makkah. org ckp..ambil barakah di sana..).. So find one reciter..banyak if you google it. My maksu suka Sheikh Abdur Rahman As-Sudais the Imam of Masjidil Haram subhanallah. Ada lagi Sheikh Muhamed Jibril, Al Ghamidi..and ada seorang budak ni I really like..Muhamad Taha Al Junayd. Tersentuh sangat. But I like Afasy most.

11. Talk to your non-Muslim friends about Islam. Have you taken the time to explain the basics to them?

I heard this topic over Ikim.fm last Thursday. Topik dia Dakwah rasanya. The ustaz said..kalo inflight tu, org sebelah kita non-muslim..try to talk to them..Even dgn bertegur pun dah kira dakwah.. Alangkah ruginya kalau kita dalam flight 2-3 jam tapi langsung taknak tegur/dapat pahala dakwah indirectly.



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