I dont think you ready for this jelly

Random thought i had this morning

1. I love something that rhymes. it makes sense and ear-friendly. Macam surah an-naaziaat, al-qiamah, an-naba..Rasa mcm..emmm seronoknya dengar..hehe. (Macam tu pun boleh..)

2. Because of this short term memory loss. (Yes i finally admit that i had one). I need to jot everything down/type it on my notes especially on my phone. If go through balik…yea i had a looot of things on my mind. Sometimes it cross your mind without a reason and you want to remember it. Like…what im doing right now. 🙂

3. Already have new washing machine at home. its Samsung. After numerous askings and investigating, i go for Samsung, comparing it with Toshiba and Panasonic. Well sometimes i dont see a point of comparing brands because they have different feature and technology. What i like about Samsung is that its 6.8kg, extra 0.3kg than my eyeing target Toshiba, better tech, better filter, diamond drum which doesnt make your clothes crinkle something like that. Even tough cuma ada 1year warranty on the panel. Motor warranty still 5 years, semua sama. And..normal price dia actually mahal, ni ada discount, so i rasa bargain. ha ha. Womans selalu rasa bangga/seronok/excited kalo dapat benda bargain, kenapa eh?? Mcm tacky sgtlah, Huda! haha

4. I wonder why there are so many films of psychiatrist /mental illness??I seriously tak suka.

5. Nak cuba kurangkan addictive-ness over social network. Im over-doing it..

6. Tengok Cougar Town season 2 macam kelakar pula. Dulu punya tak suka sebab lawak sloppy. But now sebab benda tu boleh buat tergelak-gelak.So boleh terima. Some quote yg tahape2

Jules: To get ahead. Get a home!     Bobby: Worst slogan ever.
Ellie: Jules, he’s an evil genius. He’s Keyser Soze.

Hurmm…. Keyser Soze is fictional character in the 1995 film The Usual Suspects. Söze is an underworld kingpin whose ruthlessness and influence have acquired a legendary, and even mythical, status among law enforcement agents and criminals alike.

ps: Tajuk langsung tak ada kaitan. Ni kan random post category…:P


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