You know what you can do instead of moping?

Actually i refer that to myself…..

I can plan/organize my life in a good way, but i didnt..Wanna know my dream-schedule?

5.30am Wake up and shower(everyone know how malas i was to shower)

Goes to masjid for Subuh prayer jemaah (everyday without no avail)

Balik at 6.30 paling awal, then go jog..Finish at 7.30, then cook utk bekal to work. 8.30 finish cook and ready for work. Bla bla..Balik kerja straight to masjid for maghrib prayers+isyak. Balik rumah.Do some lil stuff then tido at 12 paling lewat. For monday and tuesday can go mengaji at Putrajaya. Wednesday at Semenyih’s masjid ada kuliyah on hadis, 1st and 3rd Thursday kuliyyah fekah Ustaz Haron Din at Bangi. Otherwise, on Thursday pergi yasin at Semenyih’s masjid. Friday i regard as my reward night where i can stay at home/go out. do weekend night. Boleh pula ya mcmtu..

The Subuh prayer didnt happen…yet and the kelas mengaji. Pernah pergi tapi bukan tahun ni..Aishhh wakey wakey!!

Masa di makkah i had this strict schedule policy. here from my umrah notebook

5.30am Masjidil haram:Subuh

6.30am Breakfast at hotel

7-9am Rest at hotel

9.30-11am Masjidil haram:Tawaf sunat/solat2 sunat/solat qada

11-12.30 Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

12.30 Masjidil haram:Zohor

1.30 Lunch at hotel

2-3pm Masjidil haram:Tawaf sunat/solat2 sunat/solat qada

3-4pm Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

4pm Masjidil haram: Asar

4.30-5.30pm Masjidil haram:Tawaf sunat/solat2 sunat/solat qada

5.30-6.30 Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

6.30pm Masjidil haram: Maghrib

7-8pm Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

8pm Masjidil haram: Isyak

9pm Dinner at hotel

9.30-10.30 leisure2/rehat

11-2am Tidur

2.30-3.30am  Masjidil haram:Tawaf sunat/solat2 sunat/solat qada

3.30-5.30 Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

*yang tercatat adalah jadual. Ikut tak ikut tu lain cerita sebab banyak faktor2 mempengaruhi spt time org ajak gi shopping, terlajak tidur, dn sebagainya. hehe..Tapi seboleh2nya mmg ikut kecuali time pagi2 tu kdg2 ada gak bangun at 3am instead of 2.


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  1. jadual yg padat kanns.. ehehe


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