That happy moment when you’ve found the person that will help you improve your deen.

I am. Im happy. That happens to me now. Or at least i thought so.

Found doesnt have to be found face to face. it could also means found over the internet 🙂 because lately i stumble upon some bloggers and vloggers yang do good deeds of ..i’d like to call it dakwah. Yeah because you leads someone to do good things..for the deen. MashaAllah, may Allah bless you. I’d like to do some appreciation here even though they would most probably not gonna read this..thehehe..

1) Purplelurve

She owns a blog which i stumble upon while googling for Soap & Glory product. After i read the entry where she went to Sephora, i tought that shes fun, so i open the home page and read through. Then i read a blog post entitled ‘Cinta dalam diam’…i was touched because its relatable to me. Up till now, i never found bloggers who hv similar experience as finding her blog is such bless. Plus, she share a lot of interesting thing that surprisingly is stg i love also. ya lah, food review, travelling!, du’a, islamic issue, motivation.. So now she’s my fav bloggers..hehe. thanks a lot for the sharing, sister. May Allah grant you a good life now and hereafter.

2) IniAnwarHadi

I found him through purplelurve juga..So actually kredit goes to purplelurve lagi.haha. but umm..this kid is so good, i mean very good. If i had a son on day, i want him to be just like this guy… Do check his youtube channel and subscribe. He’s funny, quirky, smart, pious, da’wah influence, good mannerism infusion into his vlog. Well, he’s kinda cute too ;p. but…truly..after wathing his video on 27 Kali Ganda, my semangat to solat jemaah membuak2 ok. Alhamdulillah. Anwar, may Allah grant you success and a lot of happiness in this life and hereafter. All his video is good with logic analogies. Highly recommended.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Nughol…I’m so touched for this entry and I NEVER thought that someone will actually write about me. I feel so moved that someone does appreciate my writings on lots of things. Thank you so much, dear!

    Hope we can inspired each other!! Keep writing too….:)


    • Posted by nughol on October 19, 2011 at 7:39 am

      mashaAllah i replied this soooo sorry.

      You reaally did make impact into my religious views and making me closer to Allah, inshaAllah..Blogging da’wah i might say..:).May Allah accept it from you..and me 🙂


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