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im into sewing.

Im not good in sewing truthfully. My sewing is messy, unorganized and chaos..if u look in detail. Here are 2 baju i made (I upload a photo that show my best possible look..hehehew)

During Ain’s engagement

Kiki’s tandang reception. Gigih jahit to sama baju with male pengapit, turns out tak sama!

Notice the similarities?….its satin and its both caftan..because its the easiest cut.haha. I work well under pressure/last minute one.Both i did night before the event.

Im up to more sewing experience…with different design and fabric..:)

So really…Huda Shah label name could be launch in the near future…As if…:p


i am a dreamer, yes.

I dream about a lot of things. But how would you dream about your own wedding? People might think Wedding is such a taboo word for me, i want it so bad then kan, but you know what…it isnt. It never did. I love weddings. I love how bless it was, the fitrah of it, the happy faces, the excitement, the smiley face..everything.

Being pengapit is my forte i guess.. i mean..this probably the 5th time already!

Ada lagi one more pengantin tapi xjumpa gambar. And yeah i love being pengapit and ease bride’s worries. I made myself my own kit which consist of

– Scissors, jarum peniti, safety pin, sponge, tissue, mints, handiplast, paracetamol.

Ok im actually keluar tajuk..hehe

This is how i want my wedding to be ( Today what I write is the best I can think of Today (using my limited dreams..that is and experience accumulated up to today). My opinion might be differ tomorrow.

  • Nikah on 8am, in a cold morning at masjid semenyih(i feel so attached to this masjid)..the reception the same day, in the afternoon at dewan
  • I love White weddingss, i want it to be all white, the deco, the fabric used, the table cover, the flower..or it could be added with aqua blue hint.
  • I urgently want to compile my own playlist during the reception. Islamic song and romantic love songs. no karaoke, no joget or band, inshaAllah.
  • A slideshow of how we met , the storyline between us from childhood up to that phase(marriage) with a good background song. it’ll be aired during our makan beradap perhaps.
  • I’d like for us to give speech after the makan beradap, before the cake cutting(if theres any because i dont mind not having a cake). Each give speech to thanks the people who came, help, and share our so-called-vows. I’d like to share this beautiful quote to used during the speech mashaAllah its beautiful.

How can someone make you feel as if you you’re walking on air
thought of your name alone brings me a piece of happiness
You’re the only one who knows me better than I can ever know myself
The love I have for you could be measured it would be the distances between the earth and the sky.
I’m ready to cherish our love and manifest it into a blissful
marriage, Complete half our Deen, together and become garments for one another In Sha’Allah

  • I prefer an emcee. Something formal voice like Mahadzhir Lokman.
  • I’d like to give goodie bags that is beneficial for them and for me, not wasteful. A dua book maybe or a CD of dhikr or quran. A food that is easy and tasty. And for the nikah, something sweet like kurma.
  • I’d like to solat sunat together with my spouse just after nikah and he be my imam, for the first. 🙂
  • To invite the unfortunates- orphans, single mother, elderly during reception and give sadaqat to them too.

          “Dari Abu Hurairah ra., ia berkata : Rasulullah SAW. telah bersabda : “Sejelek-jeleknya makanan ialah makanan walimah yang hanya mengundang orang-orang kaya saja untuk makan, sedangkan orang-orang miskin tidak diundang. Barangsiapa yang tidak menghadiri undangan walimah, maka ia durhaka kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya”.[HR Muslim & Baihaqi]

Source from SabSabby blog. MashaAllah shes very inspirational. i love her blog and her approach towards blissful marriage. Her post about wedding according to the Quran and Sunnah SWT.

ps : I passed the PTD exam alhamdulillah. Next stages is the PAC requires to stay overnight i guess. Im gonna do my absolute best! May Allah bless.

Musolla/ Surau

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Musolla is an Arabic word used for surau. Its a smaller place compare to masjeed, owned by individual or authorities who build it. Wallahualam for the daeef interpretation.

*Ada ustaz cakap it depends on our intrepetation nak samakan surau dgn masjid atau tidak. Saya dengar isu ni semasa nak buat iktikaf di bulan Ramadhan. Kalau pemahaman surau= masjid, jadi boleh buat. Ini isu kekhilafan pendapat ijma’ ulama’.

What im trying to say here is that…its my biggest dream to build my own surau at home, specially allocated a room as prayer place where everything in there is just a prayer mat, quran, islamic resources book, a place where i meet my only Creator, Allah swt. A place i can pour and cry, doing tahajjud, without any noise or distraction. A place i can find serenity and khusyu’.

It crossed my mind when i went to Pavillion KL surau..It was by far the most beautiful surau i’ve been to. Its small, tidy, the lighting is dimmed which is great set-up for praying, modern, the tiles is lavish yaw, i like the partition or what you called the board wall, the dark carpet is thick and complement the lighting, it was well air-conditioned. It was build to great detail. This is how surau should look alike! It was love.

Then i read an article on Aquila Asia magazine. Thats a great magazine for modern muslimah, mentioning about musolla in our own house and ways to preparing prayer area to our guest.

I said to myself ” I want a special prayer place in my house  so bad” but now rumah Ayah tak ada bilik yg kosong, so i postponed the plan for my own house in the future, inshaAllah…

I dont have a pic of the interior of Pavillion’s surau to share here but i do photographed outside of the surau. Hehe i like the narrow lane towards the surau..its like..walkway to ibadah. Heres some camwhore with my friends, Lia and cece. Excuse our jits

And here some of the musolla pic i found on line..Most by Indonesians. theyre good on this

Pic credit

Pic credit

This one at Nikko Hotel KL.

Pic credit

This one is in a masjeed but mashaAllah i looove the interior. Tak tahu kat mana.

Pic credit

Oh this one i reaaaaly like to share. My favorite place on the earth..and i long for this mashaAllah

A couple read the Qur’an in Masjid al-Haram, Saudi Arabia

Prayer is an ablution of the heart, for it takes us into the purifying stream of love that flows at the core of creation the stream of He loves them and they Love Him

Quran 5.54

P/s: I now love googling pic of people praying especially individual. I dunno..suka..tenang.

p/s 2 : Tumblr best sangat..Here for an amazing ‘Subhanallah’  picture collection and quotes.

Wallahualam bissawab.

Movies : it may make or break you

Ewah tajuk….

Im kinda agree that Malaysian movie byk based on entertainment purpose. Kurang lah value (yg positif), bukan tak ada langsung.

Like…name one movie that truly got you touched and mcam soul feeder. I cant name any.

It struck sebab during Raya banyak movies on telly tapi cerita melayu are either hantu or lawak pelik (madu 4, buat kuih raya etc) or cerita sedih amatt lah (anak derhaka tak balik kampung, ibu merana). Tak ada lah yg buat kitakita  fikir..

…..actually i got no idea nak tulis…haha..i shouldnt write at first place kalau kurang idea.

Nak cakap lagi…ada cerita best on TvAlhijrah i watched – Emak Ingin Naik haji and Hayat…Good one..Crita camni la worth viewing. Aku mahu menangis tgk both movies.

Islamic Movies Reviews from Dr MAZA :

-nanti lah i sambung tulis..serious malas.

Emak Ingin Naik Haji

Kisah seorang emak yang hidup susah menjual kuih, tapi tekad tinggi untuk pergi haji..Anaknya, Zain is a painter whos helping her mom too..They work hard, but smtg happen (sebenarnya middle of story i xtgk tak tahu la kenapa) but this movie is really good I tengok ending. I cried. Zain handsome sangat.

Can you see the LOVE? Tengok gambar pun dah sedih.

It also gives the view of how rich and poor on aiming to go hajj. SOme of the quote :

“Sekarang uang emak ada lima juta, sudah nabung lima tahun. Kalau sekarang naik haji, ongkosnya tiga puluh juta, berapa tahun lagi ya, Zein?” Emak tengah mengkalkulasikan kesempatannya untuk beribadah haji. Umurnya kini sudah 61 tahun. Untuk beribadah haji tahun ini, butuh Rp 30 juta.

Kalau lima tahun bisa menabung Rp 5 juta, berarti butuh sekitar 25 tahun lagi agar uang Emak cukup. “Jadi naik hajinya umur 86 tahun ya, Zein, mudah-mudahan masih ada umur, ya,” ucap Emak. Zein, anak bungsunya, hanya termangu diam


Eid Mubarak.:)

Me and Azie, cousin


Nenek's place

another cousin, jaja




Kakak's family with Ayah



Raya with schoolmates

I made them curry mee


Last house. ladies jenuh reds kan lips


Fattabiouni is in Arabic means FOLLOW ME. Its an effort and guidance in forms of video cast to spread and worship the Sunnah of Rasulullah .صلى الله عليه وسلم

Unintentionally i watched this during middle Ramadhan. Usually from work i went straight to masjeed for iftar but comes middle Ramadhan i wanted to go home and freshen up first because i noticed im kinda tak selesa during tarawikh. Ye lah..tak mandi kot.hehe. #teruk. Where comes the khusyu’.

So after siap-siap got few more minutes before iftar, i switched on the telly to tengok some programme. I tune to 114 Alhijrah sebab nak avoid benda lagha during ramadhan..hehe. So this programme is ‘Suara Hati & Azan Maghrib’. Sort of soul feeder before the adzan. Its soo good. Its fun to look at. Its enliven the sunnah and proves that sunnah never wears out of era. Totally practical. And how shameful of us yang tak ikut sunnah. Padahal all the simple things we do in daily life. Ok sekarang niatlah follow sunnah, you get rewarded as quoted in this verse in Surah Al-Imraan Ayah 31

Say, [O Muhammad], “If you should love Allah , then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

Plus music background sgtlah membantu.. Macam lagu Lau Kanna Bainana. Meruntun jiwa.

Some of the sunnah sempat tengok di Tv Alhijrah

1. Starts doing something with Bismillah

2. Ablution & mandi Junub

3. Masjid-Adab2 ke masjid serta doa

4. Treat children with love

5. Jumuah-the adab

6. Smile

7. Starts doing a thing with right side

8. Musafir-the guide

9. Sports and be active as part of sunnah

10. Pasar/ Souq. -The guide.

If i have extra time inshaAllah gonna do some important points of each subject. Because tak ada video yang subtitle Malay or English lagi on the net. Hopefully Tv Alhijrah boleh load balik past episodes. Presenter of this programme Mohammed Alsaggaf got some attractive value of tone and personality and senyumm je. Sejuk mata dan hati menengoknya. I learnt a lot from this. MashaAllah.

The pic file from fattabbiouni FB

Youtube channel of fattabiouni. Its in Arabic, somehow. I wish i could pick up Arabic fast. Oh plus i like their color scheme.

ps: Day 2 of Puasa Enam. Im still coughing and phlegm banyak.InshaAllah my ‘Raya’ on 16th!! Malaysian Day. Gonna cook some specialty..hehe.

Some excerpt from Fattabiouni Malaysia

Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم bersabda: “Islam itu pada awal kedatangannya sebagai satu agama yang asing dan Ia akan kembali menjadi asing. Maka, beruntunglah bagi mereka yang asing.

Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم ditanya: “Siapakah yang dimaksudkan dengan mereka yang asing itu wahai Rasulullah?” Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم menjawab: “Mereka itu ialah orang-orang yang menghidupkan sunnahku dan mengajarkannya kepada manusia.”

~ Dengan mengamalkan Sunnah Al-Habib صلى الله عليه وسلم, kita akan memperolehi kasih sayang Allah dan itu merupakan matlamat yang paling tinggi.

– Apa yang menarik ialah sunnah Al-Habib صلى الله عليه وسلم itu mencakupi semua aspek kehidupan: Ibadah, pergaulan dan aktiviti harian. Sunnah ini sangat mudah untuk dilakukan, bahkan barangkali seseorang itu sudah pun mengamalkannya namun dia tidak mengetahui perkara tersebut ialah sunnah. Sekiranya dia berniat apa yang diamalkannya itu sebagai sunnah pasti dia akan mendapat pahala yang sangat besar.

– Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut lagi tentang sunnah Al-Habib صلى الله عليه وسلم, anda boleh menonton rancangan ‘Fattabiouni’ pada setiap hari sepanjang Ramadhan ini menerusi saluran TV al-Hijrah.