Musolla/ Surau

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Musolla is an Arabic word used for surau. Its a smaller place compare to masjeed, owned by individual or authorities who build it. Wallahualam for the daeef interpretation.

*Ada ustaz cakap it depends on our intrepetation nak samakan surau dgn masjid atau tidak. Saya dengar isu ni semasa nak buat iktikaf di bulan Ramadhan. Kalau pemahaman surau= masjid, jadi boleh buat. Ini isu kekhilafan pendapat ijma’ ulama’.

What im trying to say here is that…its my biggest dream to build my own surau at home, specially allocated a room as prayer place where everything in there is just a prayer mat, quran, islamic resources book, a place where i meet my only Creator, Allah swt. A place i can pour and cry, doing tahajjud, without any noise or distraction. A place i can find serenity and khusyu’.

It crossed my mind when i went to Pavillion KL surau..It was by far the most beautiful surau i’ve been to. Its small, tidy, the lighting is dimmed which is great set-up for praying, modern, the tiles is lavish yaw, i like the partition or what you called the board wall, the dark carpet is thick and complement the lighting, it was well air-conditioned. It was build to great detail. This is how surau should look alike! It was love.

Then i read an article on Aquila Asia magazine. Thats a great magazine for modern muslimah, mentioning about musolla in our own house and ways to preparing prayer area to our guest.

I said to myself ” I want a special prayer place in my house  so bad” but now rumah Ayah tak ada bilik yg kosong, so i postponed the plan for my own house in the future, inshaAllah…

I dont have a pic of the interior of Pavillion’s surau to share here but i do photographed outside of the surau. Hehe i like the narrow lane towards the surau..its like..walkway to ibadah. Heres some camwhore with my friends, Lia and cece. Excuse our jits

And here some of the musolla pic i found on line..Most by Indonesians. theyre good on this

Pic credit

Pic credit

This one at Nikko Hotel KL.

Pic credit

This one is in a masjeed but mashaAllah i looove the interior. Tak tahu kat mana.

Pic credit

Oh this one i reaaaaly like to share. My favorite place on the earth..and i long for this mashaAllah

A couple read the Qur’an in Masjid al-Haram, Saudi Arabia

Prayer is an ablution of the heart, for it takes us into the purifying stream of love that flows at the core of creation the stream of He loves them and they Love Him

Quran 5.54

P/s: I now love googling pic of people praying especially individual. I dunno..suka..tenang.

p/s 2 : Tumblr best sangat..Here for an amazing ‘Subhanallah’  picture collection and quotes.

Wallahualam bissawab.


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