i am a dreamer, yes.

I dream about a lot of things. But how would you dream about your own wedding? People might think Wedding is such a taboo word for me, i want it so bad then kan, but you know what…it isnt. It never did. I love weddings. I love how bless it was, the fitrah of it, the happy faces, the excitement, the smiley face..everything.

Being pengapit is my forte i guess.. i mean..this probably the 5th time already!

Ada lagi one more pengantin tapi xjumpa gambar. And yeah i love being pengapit and ease bride’s worries. I made myself my own kit which consist of

– Scissors, jarum peniti, safety pin, sponge, tissue, mints, handiplast, paracetamol.

Ok im actually keluar tajuk..hehe

This is how i want my wedding to be ( Today what I write is the best I can think of Today (using my limited dreams..that is and experience accumulated up to today). My opinion might be differ tomorrow.

  • Nikah on 8am, in a cold morning at masjid semenyih(i feel so attached to this masjid)..the reception the same day, in the afternoon at dewan
  • I love White weddingss, i want it to be all white, the deco, the fabric used, the table cover, the flower..or it could be added with aqua blue hint.
  • I urgently want to compile my own playlist during the reception. Islamic song and romantic love songs. no karaoke, no joget or band, inshaAllah.
  • A slideshow of how we met , the storyline between us from childhood up to that phase(marriage) with a good background song. it’ll be aired during our makan beradap perhaps.
  • I’d like for us to give speech after the makan beradap, before the cake cutting(if theres any because i dont mind not having a cake). Each give speech to thanks the people who came, help, and share our so-called-vows. I’d like to share this beautiful quote to used during the speech mashaAllah its beautiful.

How can someone make you feel as if you you’re walking on air
thought of your name alone brings me a piece of happiness
You’re the only one who knows me better than I can ever know myself
The love I have for you could be measured it would be the distances between the earth and the sky.
I’m ready to cherish our love and manifest it into a blissful
marriage, Complete half our Deen, together and become garments for one another In Sha’Allah

  • I prefer an emcee. Something formal voice like Mahadzhir Lokman.
  • I’d like to give goodie bags that is beneficial for them and for me, not wasteful. A dua book maybe or a CD of dhikr or quran. A food that is easy and tasty. And for the nikah, something sweet like kurma.
  • I’d like to solat sunat together with my spouse just after nikah and he be my imam, for the first. 🙂
  • To invite the unfortunates- orphans, single mother, elderly during reception and give sadaqat to them too.

          “Dari Abu Hurairah ra., ia berkata : Rasulullah SAW. telah bersabda : “Sejelek-jeleknya makanan ialah makanan walimah yang hanya mengundang orang-orang kaya saja untuk makan, sedangkan orang-orang miskin tidak diundang. Barangsiapa yang tidak menghadiri undangan walimah, maka ia durhaka kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya”.[HR Muslim & Baihaqi]

Source from SabSabby blog. MashaAllah shes very inspirational. i love her blog and her approach towards blissful marriage. Her post about wedding according to the Quran and Sunnah SWT.

ps : I passed the PTD exam alhamdulillah. Next stages is the PAC requires to stay overnight i guess. Im gonna do my absolute best! May Allah bless.


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