Firstly i saw this book at Popular bookstore Jusco Cheras Selatan. Tengok, ohh rm10, murah..bagus isinya.Last2 tak beli.

Then i saw my friend Ummu ada on her study desk. I thought..yeah ummu ada, it must be good. Nak beli lah.

Then baru semalam i beli at MPH Midalley. Bought together with mini terjemahan quran. Both very petite size and i like it soooo much. And seriously, murah. Tolong jangan berkira nak beli islamic book and quran. Beli twilight series boleh, islamic book kenapa teragak2. Ok sebenarnya i rarely buy books pun. ;p

AL-MAJMU’US SARIFUL KAMIL is a compilation of full surah (yg byk fadilat and kelebihan), dua, zikr, asma ul husna. Seriously i think ini book yang complete and satisfy my needs sebab i’d like to recite certain part of verses and surah but there’s time i dont bring the quran, whereas my quran is big in size, not so very handy. And there also some dua yang i’d really like to hafal…is in there..So macam truly SuperPack book to me. The wording is clear and the color sesuai, tak sakit mata, senang baca. I got banyak dua books at home tapi those tak mash up together. I mean..dua books lain, yasiin lain, surah2 pilihan buku lain, asma ul husna buku lain…So,  tak praktikal and contented.

Then it make me think..I like it soooo much, it would be a great gift kan to others. If someone give it to me, mashaAllah it’ll be the best gift ever and im going to remember that person for the longest time. hehe. Ok over but serious…it at least satisfy my needs. tapi diff people diff needs kan..But it truly come from my hearts if i were about to give to my friends.

Dont you think it would be great as a wedding gift?? I know its quite pricey tapi boleh bagi to VIP guest/main table occupants. Main table maybe around 10-20 pax je. I saw it online (it was originally from Indonesia), dekat bandung can get from as low as myr4. The cover is in silver or gold, sesuai for wedding. Banyak pahala you can gain if you give it to others and they practice it.. you will continuously gain the pahala. How beautiful kan.

Oh dia ada 3 sizes kat MPH, smallest size is myr6, medium (as i bought) is myr10, big size pun same price myr10.

Some of the content (nak salin semua tak tersalin). It has 431pages.

  • Fadhilat section – fahilat jumaat, membaca quran as whole, membaca part of the surah. The best thing, the surah is full :  surah yaasinn, kahfi, as-sajdah, ar-rahman, al-waqiah, nuh, mulk, muzammil, naba,muawwizat and more and ayat hafalan
  • Zikr and doa section – all types of salawat, and dua
  • Tahlil, talkin and perlaksanaan jenazah
  • Sunah, Zikr and dua sekitar tidur
  • Sunah, Zikr and dua sekitar solat
  • Asma ul-husna

The inside

Photo credit

Yeah buku ni dah lama in store tapi i baru discovered. 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. eh that’s so cheap.. it’s a tafsir right? can’t believe it’s so cheap. the one i have is RM40++. but anywhow, mmg tak berkira for islamic books- it’s toooooooo worth it!


  2. Posted by nughol on November 10, 2011 at 6:19 am

    its not a tafsir…Sarif Kamil is a doa/zikr book..i bought the mini tafsir separately..yeah kan..worth it sgt2..hehe


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