short thought

Hantaran gift. no need

Come to think about it..tak payah ada lagi senang kan.. You know how remeh it is and menyusahkan yourself and others to bring it..especially if the groom datang dari jauh. Its a gift…lagi senang the groom bagi duit haa nah rm3k jom pergi shopping barang apa yang awak suka after the event. Masuk dalam mas kahwin ke..kan. itu what i think of la..Lain orang, lain pendapat..Ada my friends’s sis buat hantaran gift ni masa tunang je, then masa nikah dah takda dulang2 hantaran ni. Menyenangkan..I like it that way.

Double blessing

Everytime its raining on Jumaat, my heart pounds…double blessinggg! Time for dua. Also when i saw double rainbow..double blessinggg! he…

Soul feeder-40 days

I listened to this morning the tajuk “Bahagianya musibah” by this soft spoken ustaz i really like dalam madrasah al-hijrah


Ok i saw lycra kurung cantikkk.I wanna buy la lycra.

egg tart

Im easy.Bribe me with egg tart.


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