Last thursday night.

I have somekind of guilt if keluar on thursday night. You know what i mean kan..

Ok turns out semalam i went to Times Square tp catch Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 1.  I used to be Twi-hard tapi dah slow down entah kenapa. Good for me. haha. Pergi pun sebab cece nak pergi. Ask lia sekali. Plan asal nak pergi Big Bad Wolf cancel sebab takot tak sempat tgk movie.

Went there, ada lagi tixs, they’re having 2 hall screening at the same time. Then my phone died.Sampai kena pinjam phone strangers to call cece. But now dah ada Blackberry, cece bagi pinjam up till i got phone baru or figure out nak repair this N97.

I went shopping before the movie. Oh best gile shopping sini dah lama dah tak buat. I bought omg semua cute (ok i sounded retard)

BnW Polka dot tube, peachy knee-length summer dress, Empire cut electric blue blouse with frills , Teal green empire blouse saloma cutting (This my absolute fav) and harem pants. And the whole damage 4 baju and 1 pant only 63MYR.

Ok lepas tu baru tgk movie. urm ok la..i would rate it 3/5..I like her wedding dress, the Isle Esme mmg cantikk, Jacob brtambah hensem i think. I like the transformation Bella to become a vampire. Costume designer best.

Ok random betul post ni.

Bella swan wedding dress now available. Of course it will...more info

Bella and Renesmee

ps: My body has imprinted  Chymara’s Body Shop. I feel good in it. ;p


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