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I am torn between this two…..




Whereas at the same time.. my N97 dah fully functional.. Alhamdulillah..

“Oo baby baby
Jangan kau marah sebab ku tolak
Ku tahu kau cantik
Ku percaya kau baik”

Lagu untuk my baby N97.hahahah sebab ive been abandoning her sejak pakai Cece’s blackberry. And ever since i rasa best pakai Blackberry. Professional la kan.

ps : Ada sales kt Wardrobe2u kajang dia jual empire kurung cantikkkk sekarang ada clearance Rm50-60 sahaja. ori price Rm200++


Fairytale theme annual dinner


My dear friend Zu asked me whether i could be her partner in her company;s annual dinner..I’d say yes sebab its themed dinner..So i have decided to be a……


So here’s some pic of Amanda Seyfried in the movie

The reason why i choose this character sebab…senang to replicate and i wanna sew the hood cloak myself..inshaAllahh..and its aurah-compliance..i can wear inner neck inside..and also i dont have to pening2 kepala to think how to style my tudung. And… also i remembered of this

Yuna looks good init. I can make the sleeves if rajin.

The plan is to buy a red velvet fabric..maybe 4 metre, I will lend cece’s white dress (the dress is sexy so kena pkai inner/nice cardi/white jacket), I alredy have an army green boots tapi peep toe..takpelah..then i will figure to use something green on the waist tu..It maybe a belt, a not sure. And a red lips…am soo crazy over red lips. makeup sendiri je, use fake eyelashes and buy the eyebrow mascara.

Zu is dressing as fairy, Aya as tinkerbell and hanan as peter pan..Aya doesnt know im going..i actually want to surprise her. Hopefully this plan dia tak tahu. ;p

The pic credit to this great link about film costume  :


I’ve just realized how important this piece of garment is..mashaAllah..

Let me keep that to myself first.

Baru-baru ni,i had come to a realization that actually my day-to-day attire tak aurah-compliance. For me, if your attire can allow you to solat terus without using telekung or kain or socks… really tutup aurat. If it doesnt, take a look at yourself. As in…kecuali muka dan tapak tangan.

Malu. When pergi umrah, my attire mmg aurah-compliance and selalu solat dgn jubah terus. Tak hassle langsung. Rasa solat ni perkara mudah. Tapi dah back in Malaysia, pakai ketat here n there and sometimes lengan 3/4 semua… MashaAllah..Huda! (Perlu utk jerit kat diri sendiri)

So now i selalu bring socks dalam handbag. But sometimes i ask myself “Kenapa tak pakai socks all along?”…I should..i know i should. Sebab most my kasut terbukak.

Some other thing a-must inside baggie is Tafsir Quran and Majmu’Sharif Kamil.

Here are some aurah compliance but still fashionable figure….Heliza Helmi.

So i did watched this video…

” Kita dianjurkan Islam untuk beramal dengan perkara yang diyakini dan meninggalkan perkara yang diragui kebenarannya. “

So its not really about sock, its about covering the aurat in any means. The sock only as tools. But its important for a woman like me yg tak sempurna tutup aurah nya. 😦

Im learning to be better…inshaAllah.

5 Muharram 1433H. Salam Maal Hijrah.