I’ve just realized how important this piece of garment is..mashaAllah..

Let me keep that to myself first.

Baru-baru ni,i had come to a realization that actually my day-to-day attire tak aurah-compliance. For me, if your attire can allow you to solat terus without using telekung or kain or socks… really tutup aurat. If it doesnt, take a look at yourself. As in…kecuali muka dan tapak tangan.

Malu. When pergi umrah, my attire mmg aurah-compliance and selalu solat dgn jubah terus. Tak hassle langsung. Rasa solat ni perkara mudah. Tapi dah back in Malaysia, pakai ketat here n there and sometimes lengan 3/4 semua… MashaAllah..Huda! (Perlu utk jerit kat diri sendiri)

So now i selalu bring socks dalam handbag. But sometimes i ask myself “Kenapa tak pakai socks all along?”…I should..i know i should. Sebab most my kasut terbukak.

Some other thing a-must inside baggie is Tafsir Quran and Majmu’Sharif Kamil.

Here are some aurah compliance but still fashionable figure….Heliza Helmi.

So i did watched this video…

” Kita dianjurkan Islam untuk beramal dengan perkara yang diyakini dan meninggalkan perkara yang diragui kebenarannya. “

So its not really about sock, its about covering the aurat in any means. The sock only as tools. But its important for a woman like me yg tak sempurna tutup aurah nya. ūüė¶

Im learning to be better…inshaAllah.

5 Muharram 1433H. Salam Maal Hijrah.


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  1. Ya Allah…u r sooo right my dear! i thought about this too… i kept socks with me sometimes kalau pegi mane2. but i don’t hv the guts to cover my feet yet. astagfirullah. But above all, i want to change. Hopefully Allah will hear my prayer..amin.


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