Vain tak vain sangat lah…….kot

Im a sucker for good photos thus i love photography.. But the feeling semacam ter-retard sebab my DSLR dah kena kebas masa rumah kena pecah the other day…..So now im camera-less and pinjam compact camera ayah or rely on Lia’s Canon DSLR camera yang sangat best.. Oh my, i wonder why i didnt know Canon sangat awesome. So i survey2 lah camera and mcm takmau pakai DSLR lagi lah susah nk carry. So im eyeing on Canon Powershot G13 or S95…Both awesomeeeee!Price-wise pun ok between RM1300-Rm1500. Tapi reseller tu suggest i pakai S95 sebab senang masuk bag and dia bagus shoot during the night and work like a charm under low light. Belum decide lagi sebab mcm nak saving sikit.

Ok …i have one Nigel Barker-wannabe friend yang suka shoot in any freakin theme.. He lovesss photo-shooting. I love em too tapi kalau mood muka pimply datang mmg malas lah..(tapi layan jugak). While i went to Singapore for the sake of work the other day and ada one day off, so kitorang buat fun photoshooting.Here’s the outcome…

ni ori pic..tak edit...


agak vain sedikit..pfftt


ini wannabe sangat...tapi i love the outcome...


feeling ANTM..;p

Ok slap me hard if i look so poyo..hahaha..tapi photo shooting is a therapy for me and seeing good photo IS a therapy for me.

If anyone need a good retouching/editing to your normal picture, do contact me. Satisfaction guaranteed. Aceceh. ;p


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