Masjid hopping

I was thinking to buat another masjid hopping..sebab ada cuti this week sampai selasa kan..Ayah pun takda kat rumah dia pergi jalan2 Brunei.

The plan :

Subuh at Masjid Negara sampai 8 am (lepas subuh mungkin masjid ada ceramah, if not, boleh baca quran)

8-9 am Breakfast nearby

10am  Pergi Islamic Art Museum

12am  Pergi Putrajaya- Masjid Putra to solat Zuhur

2-4pm Pergi alamanda to lunch/whatnots

4.40pm Masjid Besi to Asar

5.30pm Tea time and balik

ps : Tak sure nak pergi bila sebab maybe ada bridal shower within 4-7th February.I may slot in any date yg free. I found a cute minnie mouse ribbon headband..cant wait to wore those during the party…


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  1. wow!!! nak ikut!!!:)


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