Only ONE ingredient to make an ice cream

BANANA..(if u fond of banana flavor..i know i do)

Hehehe i stumble upon a link about healthy snack…Dia cakap buat frozen banana..or even better boleh buat ice cream.. tak try lagi.. Ada 2 ways

1. Peel a banana, masuk dalam bekas and freeze them.. then makan macam aiskrim. *If rajin cucuk batang aiskrim and dipped in chocolate molten. Salut pula nuts/almond..walaweh..

2. Peel bananas, cut them into pieces..freeze for 1-2 hour..blend sampai will turns out to be ice creamy texture..i rasa cam xcaya..Cubalah.. Ni ada step to step guide with picture…

One ingredient ice cream.. Tapi dia tipu jugak la dia tambah peanut butter masa blend..hehe..still easy peasy. You can mix it with aaanyy thing you care to mix it with..

Pic source

Jom i wanna try this too!


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