Nigella Lawson…she’s so sexy

In the kitchen………

Oh tengok dia ni cooking sangat menerujakan…..Boleh saya jadi macamni one day? ;p

She's 51, FYI!

what a sexy cover

i love looking at her..she's just...gloww

Oh while google for her image, found this…she’s wearing a burkini = burqa+bikini for swimwear!

On one side of the world, England’s finest rose is choosing to don sharia-compliant clothing, while on the other, one of the foremost liberal democracies in the world is bringing the full force of the law against a small number of women who insist on wearing their interpretation of Sharia-compliant clothing.

– The Guardian UK

Other sources said it was because of her concern on Australia’s ozone depletion problem and the fact that Australia has the highest skin cancer rating of the world. Health concern so-called. Whatever it is… do you dressed while hitting the beach?

I myself dulu walaupun wearing tudung, but somehow when it comes to beaches, i suddenly became free hair. What on earth kan….but things change couple of years before, im wearing a covered tudung to swim..Well actually i gotta get myself a burkini innit?


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