I played, now its your turn.

I was tagged by Ain

Let’s play 21 questions!

Hey guys, this is a good way for you to know yourself and for you friends to know you! Post your answers on your blog, and don’t forget to tag your friends!

1. When is your birthday?
Its 2nd of October 1986. I think this date suits me. haha.

2. What do other people called you (your nicknames)?
Huda – friends at uni’s, secondary schoolmate, ppl i just met and workplace. I prefer this.
Nurul – family member secara formally yang kurang rapat sgt
Yun – family member yg closely-related, schoolmate masa primary school and Perlis friends and neighbors.
Kak Dah – Budak G7 and G8 UTM. I tried to make fun of ppl by giving kampung names, turns out my name yg melekat sampai sekarang. Hate them!
Nughol – Matriculation punya nicknames sbb suka ckp bahasa R-retarted.

Kim- RBC members..haha.ini perasan name.
Chuk – Abg Din je panggil ni sebab kecik2 dulu busuk. wahaha. Dia sampai skrg panggil chuk. Tapi i dah get used to it. I wangi, btw.

3. Your favourite food?
I dont have one.. I eat anything that doesnt eat me first.

4. Favourite colour(s)?
Im undecided. tengok trends, macam now i like emerald green, mustard, deep purple. I suka deep colour sebab boleh hide fats.

5. Favourite time of the day?
Fajr. Need i say more? 🙂

6. Favourite movie(s)?
Banyak. Funny movies, Chick flick/chic-lit, drama, comedy romantic. tapi paling i suka sgt Yes Man, Remember Me

7. Favourite TV show(s)?
Pun banyakk. Saya adalah org yg suka TVshow. If i have to name them, byk tapi paling paling fav is : Greys Anatomy

8. Favourite book(s)?
Julie and Julie by Julie Powell & Islam in Malaysia by Dr Maza & Holy Quran

9. Favourite famous people?
Rasulullah s.a.w

10. Favourite blog(s)?
kereta mayat,cursingmalay, purplelurve, proudduck, ahyap, yasmin mogahed.

11. Who is your motivation?
i would say my father.

Let’s move on the harder questions (daunting, I know).

12. Who is the person you love the most in this world?
My father, my family member.

13. Rank the importance of career, love and family in your opinion.
Love, family, career

14. What is your favourite childhood memory?
sleeping with my mom

15. If given a choice, would you turn back time and why?
Yes and No. Yes because i would want to be a considerate, better person and some life decision i want to change..
No because I somehow believe Allah has put things in order for me. I need to be broken down to be a person i was meant to be.

16. Do you have a habit that people don’t know of?
I cant think of any for now. But my habit is pretty obvious so ppl can easily spot-on.

17. Name a super power you’d want to get.
Freezing the time and being super smart.

18. If you could get three wishes what would it be? Why?
– Enter jannah : its the dream of everyone, i can get ANYthing i want in there. ANYTHING.
– Have infinity amount of cash – so i can live debt-free, help unfortunates, and comfy.
– Having pure, good , sincere heart. Because its the hardest thing to get and money cant buy.

19. If you could change your name, would you leave it or change it?
Leave it. I love my name.

20. What is your favourite song, and do you think of someone when you listen to it?
Sweetest Girl by Wycleaf Jean. No its my personal fav, i do not think of anyone while listening to it. I think of me. haha. *self-absorbed*

21. And lastly, use a song to describe the person who tagged you in this game.
One in a million – Neyo.. Because she is!

ps: I tagged anyone who read this post.


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