Is traffic jam is really inevitable? I doubt it.

traffic jams are caused by :

1. Accident/ Breakdown of vehicle

2. Road closure/ construction

3. Rain

4. Festival nearby

I dont know what had happens but i complain a lot lately..

Now im so mad about traffic jams lately…hey policy makers, the people out THERE. what are you guys doing. Do something. Apart from the fact that Malaysians are very caring people, (slow down the car to look, not to help)

– Quickly tow the car/clear the area lah.
– Police must cepat2 come to the area and help smoothens the traffic. Theres a lot of you kan.
– Update the traffic situation on electronic board (selalu ada on the overhead of every federal road), update on twitter,
help to gives solution, show them to the new route if possible.

Hey for cost effective approaches, u no need to put traffic police under the bridge to tembak speedtrap. Fake an accident, then sure the car must be slow down.

Semalam i watched RodaRoda KL, and yes i know it does not potray the real job of traffic police troopers but it makes me mad when 2 police chitchatting each other..Oi traffic taknak jaga, bersembang rancak gila.

Btw, LLMTraffficInfo on twitter is really good. The gv real-time basis traffic updates.

-later i sambung-


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