Let me give your heart a break

Earworm song, that is.

An earworm is a piece of music that sticks in one’s mind so that one seems to hear it, even when it is not being played. Other phrases used to describe this include musical imagery repetition and involuntary musical imagery. The phenomenon is common in normal life and so may be distinguished from brain damage which results in palinacousis. (wiki)

Ok not so serious.

I posted this status on FB

Real-life day out theme shoot sangat best kot utk post-wedding…Going into parks, restaurant, groceries shopping together or home inspired shoot : in the kitchen-cooking or painting home wall together. Effortless without being too posey.

When i saw this MV, i was like…this is it! I like the fact that she portrays independent woman figure yet sweet. They document their love with lots and lots of photos, and i love that fact.

In this day and age where everyone takes photos via camera phones and posts them in a public forum like Twitter or Facebook, Lovato goes the old fashioned route. She takes the physical photos and creates a mural of her and her BF comprised entirely of the individual shots. She posts it outside of the window of his loft.

That’s either totally crazy, insanely creative or unconditional love. Whatever the case, it makes a statement without saying a word.

the murals

sesuai buat album cover for post wed.

Don’t you just love this quote by Demi Lovato

“I want to put it out there and show that women can be independent on their own, I think that’s the best lesson that I’ve learned – to love myself before any other person.”

I love peek shot

Sucker for her MV’s setting mood. The color, the composition..*dreaaamm, dream , dream, dream*


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