Strive to be solehah, jom?

BIG CIRLE/Daurah- My first. At Masjid Mukhlisin, Alam Damai, 22 April 2012. 4pm-8pm.

Whats on your mind when people mention “Wanita Solehah”? In hijab? Always lower her gaze? Knowledgable? Obedient to husband?..what else? Dr Har gives me a different perspective of  Wanita Solehah and most importantly, who can I look up to in becoming one.

Dr Har asked

Mudahkah single woman menjadi wanita solehah, compare to married woman?

I raised up my hand due to certain reason which i picture the marriage is blissful, lelaki soleh, all good stuff lah..But actually sebenarnya if difikirkan banyak cabaran married woman untuk mencapai ertikata solehah. Sebenarnya dua2 golongan ni boleh strive the common goal. Keadaan kehidupan berbeza, tuntutan berbeza dan masing2 ada kelebihan dan kekurangan. Allah nilai pada iman, bukan status. Remember that. So our chances to become a solehah is wide open. Allah tak memilih bangsa, warna kulit, bentuk badan, status…tapi pada IMAN.

Which come to a story about “Smart tag”. Dr har relates Smart tag with the gate to jannah/redha Allah. Smart Tag is pre-reloaded with cash/credit, that enables the cardholders to pass through the gate easily and continue their journey. The thing detect you, and the gate open, you went through. The pre-loaded credit relates to our good deeds/ibadah that we have collected throughout our lives and when it comes to the jannah gate, if people with loads of good deeds, the gate will open, But what if your card is rejected due to no credit. You will not enter jannah. The gate will NEVER open. Another case is on the cash lane, its pretty good analogy too..You gotta stopped by at the counter, counted your money(deeds) and pay the cashier, If enough, she will release the gate. If not, you gotta find help (pinjam friends) and pay her in order for the gate to open.

Truly i never thought of that. How that simple day-to-day life example can draw us closer to Allah. In dire need that Jannah Smart Tag 🙂

I think, the foremost question as a human being is….”What is your purpose of living?” Did you ever had a moment where you stop and think of the basic reason why Allah created you? A friend of mine asked me some time ago of this and i said, we are slaves to Him, to worship him and be good to other living things as well as being beneficial to entire human. This is one good reads on Apakah Fungsi Manusia. Sometimes people cant accept kereta mayat’s way of writing, 1st half he’ll do an analogy, suit our surrounding and events and his last half part is all about Islam point of view and conclusions of the entry title. But to me, his style suits my liking. Ok back to Dr Har, she quote a quranic verses  ” Tugas manusia adalah menjadi hambah kepada Allah dan menjadi khalifah di bumi”

Definition of “wanita solehah”

(Quran, An-nisa’ 4:34)

So the righteous woman is the one who 1. Taat 2. Pelihara diri

Dr Har mentioned about a great woman that hasnt been promoted by many, but has ALL attributes in motivating a woman to become the Righteous One. Its Saidatina Khadijah Al Kubra. The wife of our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Which came to my mind ” yes, yes, she’s amazing…why haven’t i thought about Saidatina Khadijah before?”.

Aishah r.a once complained to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w because he keeps on mentioning Saidatina Khadijah and very close with her family members and Nabi Muhammad replied with this

“Allah tidak memberikan pengganti untukku yang lebih baik daripada Khadijah. Dia percaya kepadaku di kala orang lain mengingkariku, dia membenarkanku di kala orang lain mendustakanku, dia menyerahkan hartanya kepadaku di kala orang lain menghalangiku dan Allah mengurniakan keturunan melalui rahimnya kala aku tidak dapat daripada perempuan-perempuan lain ( isteri-isteriku )”.

She is an individual, wife, best friend, mother, educator, leader, businesswoman and pejuang.

And remember that she is the first person to accept Islam. She never worship the berhala as shes the follower of Nabi Ibrahim as. She can read at those years where woman is being violated and stoop low in the eyes of men. She studied from her cousin, Waraqah ibn Naufal, a very learned man during the age of ignorance. She’s smart and make most of decision herself- even when it comes to life partners. She is the most beautiful woman in Makkah and a very patient person. Remember when she hike Gua Hira back and forth to give foods to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w and you know how high that bukit was..I saw it during umrah and i couldnt afford to hike myself. Yes i didnt. And she did. And remember when Nabi Muhammad s.a.w receives the first wahyu and comes home shivering? What Khadijah did? She put a blanket to him and caress him, say good words to him. She gave birth to the most amazing woman-all daughters of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.. She choose to be boycotted together even if she’s not from Bani hasyim which has been boycotted. She spend her entire wealth to Islam and this is moving…This is the thing i honestly respect Khadijah r.a for, the thing no one would ever said or do

“Wahai Muhammad, jika tulang belulangku boleh dijual untuk menegakkan agamamu, maka jual lah ia.”

Saidatina Khadijah r.a attributes are very relevant to us woman nowadays. Really wish to be like Saidatina Khadijah. InshaAllah.

And remember single ladies, whoever havent found life partner, marriage isnt the only door that leads to jannah and becoming solehah. Happiness is a form of contentment and you can attain that with or without marriage. Now is the time you be the ONE. And Dr. Har mention, you got Maryam as a referer so-called. She’s not married but still a righteous woman in the eye of Allah s.w.t. Its in Surah At-tahrim verse 10-12.

Muslim married man priority:


2. Rasul

3. Ibu




7. Isteri & anak2.

Muslim married woman priority

1. Allah

2. Rasul


The wife is at number 7 from the husbands eye, not 1, remember that. What Dr.Har said touches me..She said to her MIL  ” Tempat mak, Har takkan ambil, its a war i’ll never win.” And she ask her MIL to sit in front in car with her hubs and she sit at backseat instead.

I remembered a post by sis Yasmin Mogahed. She wrotes many article i can read all over again and relates.

You try to reach this ‘place’. You do this because in the fairy tale, that’s where the story ends. It ends at the finding, the joining, the wedding. It is found at the oneness of two souls. And everyone around you will make you think that your path ends there: at the place where you meet your soul mate, your other half—at the point in the path where you get married. Then and only then, they tell you, will you ever finally be complete. This, of course, is a lie because completion cannot be found in anything other than God.

But the lesson you’ve been taught since the time you were little—from every story, every song, every movie, every ad, every well-meaning auntie—is that you aren’t complete otherwise. And if—God forbid—you are one of the ‘outcasts’ who haven’t gotten married, or have been divorced, you are considered deficient or incomplete in some way.

The link

Some quotes from Dr. Har :

You can trust your own judgement as long as it based on iman.

The people around you will ask numerous question thats going to worry you sick.

Dont declare war with your mother-in-law. You’ll never win.

Ps: I havent been on this kind of session for so long. Last is early March, so yeah its a soul feeder i need EVERYTIME.


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