Khusyuk solat

We always want khushoo’..Always said its hard to attain khushoo’ but do we really deserve khusoo’ if we arent making any preparation for it? Here some preparation you can do before prayers. I extract from the sermons i heard, or my own point of view.

1.Take some time before the adhan to contemplate, do zikr, sit on the prayer mat about 10mins before adhan.
2. Prepare the surah you are going to recite and know its meaning. At least understand the meaning of Surah Al Fatihah.
3. Make a perfect wudhu’..This works for me. I macam baru tahu nak ambil wudu’ betul2 selelpas tgok fattabiouni. Here the link. Jazakallah.

4. Know the movement well. Perfected your prayers through its movement. It works for me as well. I ask my quran teacher to tengok my prayers and she corrected me. Alhamdulillah. Im so thankful that Allah brought her to me. Woman movement are more details than the man. yes its not compulsory to perfected the body position but it helps you to attain khusoo’ as what Ustaz Don mention in his show “30min Ustaz Don”. Holding the hand to the left brings you closer to khushoo state. Takbir betul2, sujud betul2, rukuk betul2, duduk antara 2 sujud betul2. Cari ilmu.
5. Pray as if Allah is in front of you and the Angel of Death is on your back, ready to take ur life.
6. Apart of understand the meaning of surah…understand the meaning of each reads during ruku’, sujood.

makna bacaan and pic taken from  matlu& from my tumblr post this is also good
7. Suit up! Prepare a really nice cloth for prayer. For woman, make sure the telekung is clean and wangi. For guys pun, pakai pakaian yang selesa. Yes, please do wear something comfortable sebab if you are not comfortable, it will surely affects your solat. At times, sebab baju tak selesa pun the reason why we tak solat. Which is very sayang…One thing lagi, i figure, pakai attire yg menanpakkan tangan(for woman) menambah khusyuk sebab you are more careful on the movement. Ini for me je kot. Solat pakai baju biasa, without telekung lebih mbuatkan i nak strive kusyuk for me. wallahualam.

8. Prayer area. If possible find a place you comfortable with. A place thats not hurting your eye and distract. As for me, i buy this shaggy carpet because its very fluffy and its a really nice feel when you perform sujood and tak sakit..
9. Environment. Turn off the TV, anything yang boleh distract your attention. Pray inside room is the best if you pray at home. If at masjid, tak ada masalah.

10. Alas perut. Dont pray knowing you are in hungry state of mind. Im not saying pergi makan lunch dulu, baru solat. Tapi alas perut je sekadar minum air and biscuit/kurma/chocs/fruit. That will do. Jangan nak menipu yang you need sepinggan nasi untuk alas perut.
11. Empty your bowel. Nak buang air semua make it before prayers. You’ll be more comfortable.

*Betapa marahnya seorang raja yang menyuruh sesorang menghadapnya, tetapi hanya diberi jasad (sebab orang tu dah mati). Dia mesti akan murka sangat-sangat kan. Apatah lagi Allah. Kita persembahkan pergerakan dalam solat sahaja padaNya tanpa ada roh dan soul ikut sekali? Murka Allah pulak macammana….

*Selagi ada kudrat dan kesihatan solat sempurna, sempunakanlah…Perasaan dapat sujud itu tak terkira nikmatnya

-note to myself-really im writing this as a note to myself first…..i need to change and solat awal waktu.

Surah Al Hud is really good for those who want to find serenity, and wanted to break away from hardship. Allah is the Healer. Al Quran is His way.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by shik on July 14, 2012 at 2:20 am

    Photo “Duduk antara dua sujud” ada yang tidak kene pada jarinya, bacaan sudah betul. Mohon diubah supaya tiada kekeliruan di situ. Wassalam.


  2. Posted by nughol on July 14, 2012 at 10:40 am

    sila beri pencerahan….;)


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