After 2 years, what’ve I become??


Ya Allah i haven’t blog for almost 2 years! SInce i join zubedy, obviously. Hehe.

I’m just checking some things here and bump into the stats that are quite frankly surprising ada jugak orang jenguk here for some info. I guess this is the amazing thing about blogging. You intent to share and it is inshaAllah beneficial to other people who’s searching for answer.

Whether the truth set you free or not tak guarantee la since you just sharing experiences kan.

But um…..i miss blogging. I miss writing about what i felt and my muse around. I miss the joy and excitement for the moment i tak sabar to type the word out and jadikan keepsake memory for myself and for others if applicable.

Well, life is good. Banyak gile actually nak share but mcm previous post (which is back in 2012! haha), i just want to summarize few points. Also nota untuk diri sendiri on my life progress.

  • I’m still single…but my heart is taken..Cewah mengada je statement. No lah, im still single.
  • I’m in the same company mcm last time i note, so its been 2 years now here kt zubedy. Many things change, many people i met, sooo many things i learnt, and so many experiences. Point ni boleh expand sampai 3-4 post if rajin..hehe.
  • I’m a happy soul (At least i want to believe that). I met so many people along this 2 years whom added value so much into my life perspectives.
  • I’m financially better than last 2 years. Alhamdulillah. Job promotion included.
  • I still lived in Flora Damansara on weekdays, Semenyih on weekends. My father sihat alhamdulillah.
  • I am busyier than ever since many projects and clients I have to handle and strategize. This is good for my development. Loving every bits of it. Penat yes but I always believe penghujungnya manis. Sabar and Stay the course.
  • Remember i said about somebody introduce someone to me? Now its a history. I’m happy for him for settling down and im more optimistic and excited about whats coming to me next. Kita keep on moving kan.
  • I think i gain weight if nak compare from last 2 years…Mane pernah turun, naik memang tak surprising at all.
  • I started working out n buat fitness activities and i played tennis for the first time and i tell you syok gila sebab peloh like crazy. I also ada personal trainer kat office, free wan.
  • Important people in my life yang dah settle down : Tetu with Farhana, Hidayah Gan with Hanan, Lia with Alos, Zulin dgn Pejai,
  • Did i ever mention that I joined Usrah Damansara. I love the people there, encouraging and positive people.
  • I love cooking nowww.. I think i can almost cook everything.. Haha. Maybe arwah mak’s perfect palllete terlekat to me. Eceh.
  • I experience being robbed, and got into accident.
  • Ah, finally just wanna share yours truly picture after 2 years like how kan changes..

Dec 2012 im like this.

Kenduri Nita Dec 2012

Now im turning into this

Just few weeks ago during Raya 2014

And my family

Selfieee….its a thing now (macam cakap dgn Huda 2012 pula)

During Tetu’s wedding July 2013

Until then, lets see when is my next updates.:p

Have a good life semua. Allah is always with us, Always sangka baik dgnNya.

NH, August 2014.


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  1. Hiii! I scroll blogpost lama and found ur comment. Saja jenguk ckp hi 🙂


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