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Books, mother’s day and al-quran

Went to BookXcess yesterday to collect my membership card and wanting to buy “LiFE Wonders of The World” so bad sebab ada 30% off for members…Turns out dah sold out….im sooo arghhh, kecewa. So I look through Coelho’s title. They only got 3 title of him – Inspirations: Selections Literature Classic, A Warrior’s Life (his autobiography) and The Winner Stands Alone(his 2008 publication). I want to buy one, but wasn’t sure to buy which (reminded myself not to buy many, as I have loads of books at home waiting to be read).  A peek of one of each brings me to pick Inspirations : Selections of Literature Classic. Reasons why..I feels I have interest in literature but never pursuit any. When in secondary school, I have huge interest in English, thus literature in particular. Yeah some life decision we regret kan, I do tapi I know there’s a reason why.










And so I bought ‘Inspirations’, ‘Teddy Bear pop up’ book for my niece (sucker for kids book) and a book for my friend Ain by Wicked author. She’s a west-end musical fanatic. The only, among my circa. And also she’s an obsessed freak for fairy tales, which I find helpful because now I baru terhegeh-hegeh baca fairy tales. Well, honestly I don’t really read fairy tales and immersed. She did, she really did. When I find it hard to understand (or actually ‘believe’ a fairy tale), I ask her and she’ll clarify it.

Oh I pergi lagi bookxcess the other week and bought ‘Everything Selling Book’ for MYR14.30 sebab ada discount Mothers Day. Speaking of mothers day………theres a speculation going around by fellow ustaz and majlis fatwa even? (I am not sure weather Majlis Fatwa dah keluarkan statement haram or still in discussion)  that it is a haram celebration. I was kinda shocked. I just nak quote this from Imam Suhaibb Webb in his post

There is a legitimate scholarly difference surrounding this issue. Those who hold such celebrations as forbidden do so contending that such celebrations are “religious in nature” and amount to imitating the religious rites of others.

Those who contented that such celebrations are permissible, do so contending the opposite: such celebrations are not religious in nature and that the origin of things is permissible unless explicitly forbidden. Sheikh al-Qaradawi stated, concerning Mother’s Day, there is no way he considered it forbidden. He based his contention on the legal axiom: “Nothing is made forbidden except with a clear text.”

It is well known that al-Rajabiyah was a holiday observed by the Arabs before for the time of the Prophet [may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him] up until the third century A.H. and the jurist differed on its ruling. The Hanabali’s considered it permissible, while the Malikis held it to be disliked.

As a convert to Islam and based on my humble legal training, I agree with the second opinion. Many of us, those of us who have converted to Islam, can use these moments to share the beauty of our faith with our families and loved ones in an non-hostile environment. Perhaps, by giving gifts to our parents we can heal wounds, build relationships and move forward. At the same time, such celebrations are based on the foundations of our faith: honoring one’s parents. Therefore, we should engage such holidays with the intention of fostering noble relations and spreading the beauty of our faith with others.

Allah knows best

Dr Mohd Asri also tweeted

“Antara kgnjilan fatwa dharamkn hari ibu, dhalalkn smbutn tahun baru..sdgkn kduanya asas yg sama, bahkn hari ibu lbih brfaedah.”

“Asas Islam; dlm daily life, apa saja yg Quran n hadis x haramkn maka halal. Dlm Islam yg haram sdikit dbandingkn yg halal.”

From hamka

“Apabila benda itu ada kebaikan, dan kebaikan itu tidak menjejaskan akidah, tak payah kita nak pening kepala berhujah itu ini begitu begini..

Setakat nak bagi hukum haram dengan alasan menyerupai orang kapir tak de hebatnya kawan..

Aku pun boleh bagi hukum haram jika nak jadi perasan bagus macam korang:

Contoh: kau tahu tak, menulis ni, dari kiri ke kanan, menyerupai orang  kapir, menyerupai tulisan dalam Bible, Sunnah Nabi menulis, kanan ke kiri, jadi korang semua ni haram main FB, main blog, sms dan semua apa ke jadah sebab menulis dari kiri ke kanan menyerupai orang kapir, haram! Jika nak main FB atau sms, kena guna tulisan jawi, baru halal “

I read about Malcolm X earlier. That name is well-known but I never knew exactly who he was. Sangat ignorant kan. And I love Wikipedia so much(well who doesn’t), it directed to so many related subject. It is a very sad story of a good muslim man. But how good you are, its not hereditary kan but his daughter Ilyasah are doing well. For me, as long as you have a good ethics, thats enough. *Iman tak dapat diwarisi, dari seorang ayah yang bertakwa*- Iman can never be pass down/heritable, even if the father is a righteous man. A Muslim who has iman commits to follow the commands of Allah in every aspect of life. Iman is key to success in the religious realm, but also in other areas. (from Suhaibb Webb)

This entry I quote quite a number from Imam Suhaib Webb. I like his way of giving preach, its mind blown to my liking. I came across to some comments of a people who dislike another person interpret the Quran as he wish. I mean…I think he got it wrong. If the person is true believer and has no intention to understand the Quran ‘only’ on his way, he’ll definitely will try to understand of the history of why the verse is being revealed first. People knows, come on.. Quran is an amazing book, no matter how much you read, you gain new things, everytime, and as what Imam Subaib Webb said, Quran verses is like telling us “ FILL YOUR PROBLEMS HERE”. (That reminds me of writing a post on his talk I attend regarding this). It does to me…and that’s how Quran give so much impact in ones life, apart from understanding the REAL meaning of the verses and its command. To me, to read Quran, theres a priority chain of command that is  (1) Understand the history of the revelation of the surah/verse (2) Practice the command (because not all verses are ‘story’ but mere command from Allah) (3) After knowing the importance of (1) and (2), if it suits your situation and you feel like Allah talking to you, I’d say..why not. If it brings you closer to Allah, why not.

I will give example for this. Below is a verse from Surah . I have few verses that I bookmark-ed because it really does touches me and fits my situation.

I used to amalkan this verse everytime after solat as ayat ruqyah, but now tak lagi…But it really does help me. Reading this alone dah buat I menangis sungguh-sungguh time kesusahan dulu

Ayat 81. Then when they had cast down, Musa (Moses) said: “What you have brought is sorcery, Allah will surely make it of no effect. Verily, Allah does not set right the work of Al-Mufsidun (the evil-doers, corrupts, etc.).

Ayat 82. “And Allah will establish and make apparent the truth by His Words, however much the Mujrimun (criminals, disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, etc.) may hate it.”

If you read the verse, its clearly about Nabi Musa and the pharaoh’s sorcerer. Nabi Musa is being challenged by the sorcerer, and it’s a doa Nabi Musa recite..Its also to reminder that sihr is unlawful and strictly forbidden in Islam. Ok so here we cover the (1)history, why this verse is revealed (2) Reminder from Allah/command, that is : Sihr is unlawful and Allah will make it no effect. Don’t practice and use sihr in any means!

Ok so now I had a situation, this verse is so related to me that I cried a lot as if Allah is hearing every misery I had (of course He does)

*This post has so many revision and having problems to upload it..So the ending i lupa nak close macamana hehe..

*Alhamdulillah i got a new job, i’ll be in a new place on the 11th of June 2012.. Thank You Allah.


Fatwa pelik bin ajaib

Itu tajuk satu episod rancangan dalam TV Alhijrah pagi tadi sempat tengok. Apologize if my interpretation salah sebab its in arabic and ada subtitles, of course.

Dia ada interview some people di Arab tentang fatwa pelik spt : Wanita haram guna internet..itu je ingat. Ada lg actually. and i dont know la siapa yg keluarkan fatwa macamtu..and dia tanyalah kat youngsters patut ke ikut fatwa yang meragukan.. Then pengacara list down what to look for in a reliable fatwa.

1. Pilih yang mudah

Jika ada 2 mufti dan pertimbangan mereka, satu yang mudah, satu lagi jenis too careful..Pilihlah yang mudah. Dia ada quote this hadith dalam kes tayammum  di mana kita hendaklah mempermudahkan urusan, jgn memayahkan…

Dari Jabir, beliau berkata ; Pada suatu hari, kami keluar musafir. Salah seorang daripada kami luka lalu kepalanya dibungkus. Dia kemudiannya bermimpi (Junub), lalu dia bertanya kepada kawan-kawannya, Apakah dia boleh bertayammum? Kawan-kawanya menjawab : kami tidak mengetahui adanya kelonggaran demikian. Engkau masih boleh menggunakan air. Maka diapun mandi (junub) lalu mati. Apabila kami datang kepada Rasulullah SAW, kami memberitahunya kisah tersebut. Lalu Rasulullah SAW berkata : Kerana mereka membunuhnya, maka Allah membunuh mereka. Kenapa tidak bertanya jika mereka tidak tahu. Sesungguhnya ubat kepada kejahilan adalah bertanya. Hadis riwayat Abu Daud, ad-Darqatni dan Ibnu Majah

I was moved by this

“Kerana mereka membunuhnya, maka Allah membunuh mereka. Kenapa tidak bertanya jika mereka tidak tahu. Sesungguhnya ubat kepada kejahilan adalah bertanya”

2. Ikut tempat dan peredaran masa

The fatwa must be in sync with current situation. For example, with the evolving of technology and social media affairs.”Technology will inadvertently force adaptation or a change in policy, rules and fatwa..even”

He quote a move/an act made by Imam Syafie.

“Al-Imam asy-Syafi’e rh tatkala beliau berada di ‘Iraq ( untuk belajar dan mengajar ) sekitar tahun 195 H , beliau telah menghasilkan sebuah kitab Fiqh menurut aliran dan kajiannya ( mazhabnya ) dan kitab ini diberi nama “ Al-Hujjah “ . Namun apabila beliau rh berpindah ke Mesir pada tahun 200 H , beliau mendapati sebahagian daripada fatwa-fatwanya yang lalu ( di Iraq ) , sama ada secara lisan ataupun tulisan tidak memenuhi dan bersesuai dengan realiti dan permasalahan yang dihadapi oleh masyarakat Iraq . Ini menyebabkan beliau rh mengkaji dan menyemak semula fatwa dan kajian beliau yang lalu dan menghasilkan pula fatwa dan kajian yang baru di Mesir . Dan pada masa ini jugalah beliau rh telah menulis sebuah lagi kitab Fiqh yang besar , yang bersesuaian dengan suasana dan realiti di Mesir . Kitab itulah yang dinamakan sebagai “ Al-Um “  source

3. Jangan terlalu mudah mengguna ayat ijma’

Saya tak ingat hujjah pengacara tapi lebih kurang ini i quote this from Dr. MAZA taken from here

Kata Dr Wahbah al-Zuhaily:

“Kerapkali kita terjumpa dalam buku-buku mazhab fekah seseorang ahli fekah berdalil dengan perkataan al-ijma’ (ijmak). Kadangkala kita dapati dalam perkara yang mazhab-mazhab berbeza pendapat, tetapi setiap mazhab mendakwa ijmak menyokong pendapat imam mereka. Ini menjadikan ijmak berlaku dengan banyak. Kata al-Ustaz Abu Ishak al-Isfaraiini: “Kita tahu bahawa masalah-masalah ijmak lebih dari dua puluh ribu. Adakah dakwaan ini benar?! Adakah ini ijmak yang diiktiraf sebagai sumber ketiga syariat islam?! Inikah ijmak yang istimewa berbanding dengan ijmak dalam ilmu lain?! bagaimanakah mungkin untuk diserasikan perkataan para ahli fekah ini dengan apa yang disebut oleh majoriti ulama Usul fekah bahawa ijmak adalah hujah yang putus menjadi kafir sesiapa yang membantahnya?! Sebenarnya, tidak boleh dipegang ijmak-ijmak fekah ini melainkan setelah dipastikan dan diselidiki. Barangkali yang dikatakan ijmak itu hanya sekadar pendapat kebanyakan, bukan semua mujtahid. Boleh jadi hanya pendapat imam-imam yang empat sahaja, bukan selain mereka. Atau boleh jadi pendapat ulama mazhab tertentu, bukan selain mereka. Atau mungkin mereka tidak tahu ada yang berbeza dengan mereka. Biasanya mereka maksudkan dengan ijmak itu kesepakatan mazhab tertentu” (Dr. Wahbah al-Zuhaili, Usul al-Fiqh al-Islami, 1/488-489).

I end this with this quote :

Jika anda memberikan pendapat yang berbeza dengan tokoh agama, atau ustaz atau majlis agama atau tokoh ilmuwan tertentu, bukanlah bererti anda menyanggahi ijmak ulama. Dalam banyak perkara ulama berbeza pendapat, anda berhak memilihnya dengan adil dan faham.

Berbeza dengan sesetengah ulama tiada salahnya jika ada alasan yang betul. Apatahlagi jika yang dikatakan ulama itu bukan ulama. Atau ulama, tetapi sekadar muqallidin sahaja. Jangan salahfaham maksud ijmak ulama dan jangan salah guna nama ijmak ulama!

(Syarah Prof Dr Maza)

Blog entry ini ada point yang lebih if interested.

Ini ada another good reads about fatwa Yusof Al Qardawi.

ps: My post are not comprehensive, for sure as i was just writing it down at my own means and keepsake of good links. All the error and misinterpretation of this entry is solely from myself. Wallahualam bissawab.

Allahummar hamna bil Quran

I gotta share this!!!
Its sooooo beautiful mashaAllah beyond words..Please please do take some time to listen to this.

I was looking for the end-song title for madrasah syariah TValhijrah- doa khatam quran but couldnt find..I love that version.
But i found this..which is as beautiful as what im looking for.

I was moved by this part
”  Ya Allah ingatkanlah kami ketika lupa serta bimbinglah kami ketika kami tidak mengetahui serta jadikanlah Al-Quran itu hujjah bagi kami ”

Beforehand…i dont know what strikes lah..i was talking to my friend Zu about the existence of Dinosour and why it was so big..(i actually forgot the essence of this issue)
A few months before pun i ada discuss with a friend yang we think dinosaur is exist together with human and that time human was so big that the image of dinosaur is as it was a size of chicken now. Based on the fact that Nabi Adam a.s is the first makhluk Allah swt created..

Zue gave me some enlightenment on this..and yes it was wrong..wallahualam..because based on the archeology finds, that dinosaur is million years must have been existed before human.

here some reading links

I’d like to quote their post (which conclude my findings)
” Iman tidak akan meningkat atau turun samada seseorang itu percaya kepada dinosaur atau tidak. Telah diriwayatkan bahawa Nabi saw melarang kita dari
memenuhi diri kita dengan perkara yang boleh mengkusutkan (confuse) dan tidak jelas. Kita juga tahu bahawa ramai orang yang berbeza pendapat samada
dinosaur wujud atau ia satu jenis imiginasi. Allah yang tahu sebaiknya.”[1]

” Dinosaur tidak disebut di dalam al-Quran secara tepat bukan bererti tidak penting tetapi itu adalah anugerah Allah untuk manusia supaya manusia mencari
dan mengkaji masa lalu dan apa hubungannya degan kehidupan sekarang dan juga untuk masa depan . Bukankah itu salah satu tujuan Allah menciptakan manusia
sebagai khalifah di muka bumi ” [2]

” Akhirnya, manusia adalah wakil terakhir Allah SWT di muka Bumi ini. Dan kita sebagai umat Muhammad pula adalah khalifah terakhir daripada wakil terakhir
Allah swt di muka bumi sebelum Allah swt ‘sediakan’ kiamat untuk kita semua. Sesungguhnya, Adam as bukanlah makhluk pertama tetapi ia adalah manusia pertama
di muka bumi. Waallahualam.. ” [3]

ps : found an ustazah that can gives me extensive quran recitation clasess. It starts this friday..(happy mode). Alhamdulillah.

halal outlet in Malaysia

Just to share of what i found on halal jakim website recently..

Yang ada sijil halal-KFC, Kenny Rogers, Starbucks, Coffee bean

Tak tak ada sijil halal YET- Big Apple, Jco, Johnny Restaurant, Manhattan Fish market

1. Aduan :

Adakah KEnny Roagers mendapat sijil Halal dari pihak Jakim?begitu juga dgn Big Apple@Donut J Co?

Tarikh Aduan :27/04/2009 – 00:53:42

Jawapan :

Salam, Kenny Rogers dibawah syarikat Berjaya telah mempunyai sijil halal sejak Jakim lagi hingga sekarang ini. Untuk Big Apple@Donut J Co, mereka masih belum mempunyai sijil halal dari Jakim mahupun HDC. Sekian Terima Kasih

2. Aduan :

Assalamualaikum. just nak bertanya. di sinio ada kekeliruan dalam jawapan daripada aduan pengguna dalam web tuan. saya telah terbaca 1 aduan mengenai status sijil halal Starbuck.

ada jawapan di page yg lain, jawapan nya telah mendapat sijil halal jakim, tapi bila terbaca page yg lain plak, kata dah dapat sijil pengesahan.
Tarikh Aduan :26/04/2009 – 13:21:12

Jawapan :Waalaikumsalam.. untuk sijil halal Starbuck, mereka telah memperoleh sijil halal dr HDC. Sila rujuk pada direktori halal ( pengesahan dgn lebih lanjut.

3. Aduan :

Saya nak bertanya, adakah “JOHNNY’S RESTAURANT” disahkan HALAL 100% oleh Jakim, baik makanan dan juga minumanya.
Ini kerana saya telah menyemak statusnya disini namun rekod tidak ditemui, malah saya pernah nampak restoran ini memaparkan status HALAL, jadi adakah sijil HALAL telah luput ataupun memang mereka tidak pernah memohon sijil HALAL.
Rata-rata pengujung adalah Masyarakat Islam, dan jika ada logo HALAL walhal tidak HALAL maka ini telah dianggap menipu serta tidak sensitif terhadap masyarakat ISLAM.
Sekian, terima kasih

Tarikh Aduan :

14/04/2009 – 15:49:50

Jawapan :

Waalaikumsalam.. Terima kasih kerana bertanya. Johhny’s rest tidak pernah memohon halal dari JAKIM/HDC. Ternyata sijil halal yg dikeluarkan adalah datang dari badan islam yg kita tidak pernah iktiraf.Harap pengguna Islam tidak terpedaya dengan logo Halal restoran tersebut. Sekian Terima Kasih


Bloggers comment

Ok kali ni nak tulis dalam bahasa ibunda..takde ape cuma nak raise 1 thing pasal bloggers yang rajin bagi comment kat popular sites especially gossip site tp bila ada menyentuh bab agama, adelah makhluk Allah yg like “duhhh pakailah otak untuk bagi comment, janganlah melulu je and no sensitivity” Penganut agama lain tengok malu je..Entahla kan but i think, tnjukkanlah budi pekerti yang baik sebagai hambaNya..apalah hak kita nak cakap orang bodoh whatsoever..Contoh yang sempat dicapture…

There’s a bloggers called Obefiend..he named them as Meleis..I would like to borrow his word creation and called them meleis as well!!

Actually im browsing over Hukum menghias kubur and bumped into several sites..

useful links : bujangsusah

Dari Jabir radhiyallahu ‘anhu, dia berkata: “Rasulullah Shallallaahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam telah melarang kuburan dikapur (di simen), dijadikan tempat duduk, dan juga didirikan bangunan diatasnya.” (Hadith Riwayat Imam Muslim)

Ok nanti akan dikongsi pencarian tentang hukum hias/bangun/bongkar/ziarah kubue..:)

AJL..Illuminati and my faith

Stories behind AJL( Anugerah Juara Lagu 24) spread over the internet rapidly..More info you can refer here..

I firstly heard about Illuminati after watched ” Angel & Demon” or “Da Vinci Code”. Now I feel guilty watching and trying to understand the movies. Its just within me although i find the movie are interesting and the story lines developed well. I feel restless along the movie but its really made me stick to the seat and force me to understand it.

Looking many Islamic movie/telemovie/documentary i spend to watch? I rather watch Christinity-movie over Islamic-theme? I feel so sinful. I also feel the same way when people ask me to watch Christmas-like movie..I keep asking myself “Will I go to GSC and buy tickets to watch the movie title Perjuangan rasulullah or Jejak Rasul something like that?”

I recently bought some books but I really interested in Yakjuj and Makjuj book, so I bought one. Cheryl told me some stories about Yakjuj & Makjuj that i dont know, so i thought i must know, and i bought the book. Its good to have a friend that have same perception as you do and keen about these things. Later when i arrived home, i text her and quote ” Im grateful that Allah brought us together””I never had these true passion to gain knowledge about Islam but now I do, maybe it was my mom last gift”

I bought some Yassin to donate to hospital’s surau in the name of Arwah mak and some Islamic book that i thought will gives something to the community or individual who reads it. When I was waiting for my car to be serviced, i noticed there’s some islamic book(mostly about Hari Akhirat, alam kubur dsb) donated by some organization or individuals, i thought wow this is good and when i read it, it really gives impact and knowledge i never knew or neglect before.

There’s also this book that i find very good, it was called “Jangan Bersedih” and im planning to buy it when i come to a point i lose my sanity and think so much about my mom, cries like a child and needs motivation. I also recommend it to those friends/family to give as a present to a person who lost someone.

It was a wake-up call to me. Im trying to dig in depth about my own religion(sounds weird but its true, i dont spend much time trying to figure out depth things of my own religion that is written on my ID). I mean solat is an obligation and we people perform it now and then but other than that..The History of Islam, Kisah rasul, Aqidah..How much did we/I know?

Ok theres no need to explain so much about how I felt but im relieved. This blog speaks within me.

p/s : Ya Allah lindungilah kami dari godaan syaitan yang terkutuk.

Solat jenazah

This entry may is serious and educational-kinda writing but this issue triggers me to write and share


This morning after taken my breakfast and lazing in front of telly before going to work, my dad watched Astro oasis program : Bicara Kifayah which discussed about Solat Jenazah as one of the fardhu kifayah muslim must learn. There’s even the case where some muslim who’s totally blank and perform ruku’ during Solat jenazah which is not a necessary.

Frankly speaking i never forgot i learned Solat Jenazah. I think i did, but only on paper, but never practice it which makes me so shame of myself. i did know the flow but never practically do.

What interest me was that Ustaz Hassan Din said the most rightful person to be the imam is the closest related person to the jenazah. Means if your child meninggal, then the father should really be the imam and conversely. If the wife meninggal, then the husband took the responsible. There even the cases when the father/mother meninggal, the child do not take responsibility to be an imam, worst thing they not even in jemaah.

Wow, i dont wanna be like that..

My mom regularly help with the jenazah prep lately. If any person meninggal around Semenyih and asked the Masjid Jamek Semenyih to settle it, the my mom and Alang(mom’s sis) will prepare the kain kafan, the kapur, the wool and everything you need to wrap a jenazah help with another makcik.

This a big wake up call to really know this thing for me.

Here’s how to perform Solat jenazah courtesy of  syahirul or you can search on youtube to sneak into the movements

Persediaan solat jenazah:

  • Mayat mestilah diletakkan melintang ke arah kiblat.
  • Mayat lelaki kepalanya sebelah kiri imam dan imam berdiri di sebelah kepada atau dada mayat.
  • Mayat perempuan kepalanya sebelah kanan imam dan imam berdiri di pinggangnya.
  • Bagi solat ghaib, imam dan makmum mengadap qiblat tanda ada jenazah di depan.

Dalam solat jenazah, tiada rukuk dan sujud, jadi makmum harus berdiri rapat antara satu sama lain dengan makmum yang di hadapan.

Sebelum solat, sunat Bilal melafazkan :

الصَلاَةُ جَامِعَه الصَلاَةُ الْمَيِّت اَلْحَاضِرُ رَحِمَكُمُ الله

Jawab Makmum :

الصَلاَةُ لاَ اِلَهَ اِلاَّ الله

Sof solat jenazah seboleh-bolehnya dijadikan 3 sof dan makmum digalakkan melebihi 40 orang.

Rukun Solat Jenazah

  1. Niat pada takbiratul ihram.
  2. Berdiri bagi yang berkuasa tanpa sebarang rukuk dan sujud.
  3. Takbir 4 kali termasuk takbiratul ihram.
  4. Membaca surah Al-Fatihah sesudah takbir pertama.
  5. Selawat atas Nabi Muhammad saw (selawat Ibrahimiyyah) sesudah takbir kedua.
  6. Doa khas bagi jenazah sesudah takbir ketiga.
  7. Memberi salam sesudah takbir keempat.

Cara solat jenazah:

1. Berdiri dengan betul dan melafazkan niat solat jenazah seperti berikut.

2. Mengangkat takbir pertama (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) berserta dengan niat di dalam hati dan diteruskan dengan membaca surah Al-Fatihah.

3. Mengangkat takbir kedua (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) kemudian membaca selawat ke atas junjungan besar Rasulullah s.a.w seperti berikut.

4. Mengangkat takbir ketiga (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) kemudian membaca doa seperti berikut.

5. Mengangkat takbir keempat iaitu takbir terakhir (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) kemudian membaca doa berikut.

6. Memberi salam ke kanan dan ke kiri.

Selesai beri salam, korang bolelah membaca surah Al-Ikhlas (3 kali), surah Al-Falaq (1 kali), surah An-Nas (1 kali), surah Al-Fatihah (1 kali), surah Al-Baqarah ayat 1-5 (1 kali), ayat Qursi (1 kali) dan baca doa yang sesuai.


Di atas adalah panduan lengkap bagi yang ingin berlajar bersungguh-sungguh tentang solat jenazah dan jika korang dalam kategori susah untuk mengingati dan menghafal panduan di atas, bolehlah lihat panduan ringkas yang turut aku sediakan di bawah. Yang penting kita mesti tahu bagaimana untuk melaksanakan solat jenazah.

1. Niat dalam hati sambil melafazkan takbir (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) seperti berikut:

Sahaja aku solat jenazah terhadap mayat ini, 4 takbir, fardhu kifayah kerana Allah Ta’ala.

Kemudian baca surah Al-Fatihah.

2. Setelah takbir kedua, baca selawat ke atas Nabi.

Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad.

3. Setelah takbir ketiga, baca doa berikut.

Allahummargh firlahu warhamhu (untuk mayat lelaki)

Allahummargh firlaha warhamha (untuk mayat perempuan)

Untuk mayat kanak-kanak yang belum baligh, tidak dibacakan doa ini kerana mereka masih tidak dikira dosa pahala oleh malaikat.

4. Setelah takbir keempat, beri salam ke kiri dan ke kanan.


* There’s an application ready to download solat jenazah lelaki for easier view and understanding

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