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After 2 years, what’ve I become??


Ya Allah i haven’t blog for almost 2 years! SInce i join zubedy, obviously. Hehe.

I’m just checking some things here and bump into the stats that are quite frankly surprising ada jugak orang jenguk here for some info. I guess this is the amazing thing about blogging. You intent to share and it is inshaAllah beneficial to other people who’s searching for answer.

Whether the truth set you free or not tak guarantee la since you just sharing experiences kan.

But um…..i miss blogging. I miss writing about what i felt and my muse around. I miss the joy and excitement for the moment i tak sabar to type the word out and jadikan keepsake memory for myself and for others if applicable.

Well, life is good. Banyak gile actually nak share but mcm previous post (which is back in 2012! haha), i just want to summarize few points. Also nota untuk diri sendiri on my life progress.

  • I’m still single…but my heart is taken..Cewah mengada je statement. No lah, im still single.
  • I’m in the same company mcm last time i note, so its been 2 years now here kt zubedy. Many things change, many people i met, sooo many things i learnt, and so many experiences. Point ni boleh expand sampai 3-4 post if rajin..hehe.
  • I’m a happy soul (At least i want to believe that). I met so many people along this 2 years whom added value so much into my life perspectives.
  • I’m financially better than last 2 years. Alhamdulillah. Job promotion included.
  • I still lived in Flora Damansara on weekdays, Semenyih on weekends. My father sihat alhamdulillah.
  • I am busyier than ever since many projects and clients I have to handle and strategize. This is good for my development. Loving every bits of it. Penat yes but I always believe penghujungnya manis. Sabar and Stay the course.
  • Remember i said about somebody introduce someone to me? Now its a history. I’m happy for him for settling down and im more optimistic and excited about whats coming to me next. Kita keep on moving kan.
  • I think i gain weight if nak compare from last 2 years…Mane pernah turun, naik memang tak surprising at all.
  • I started working out n buat fitness activities and i played tennis for the first time and i tell you syok gila sebab peloh like crazy. I also ada personal trainer kat office, free wan.
  • Important people in my life yang dah settle down : Tetu with Farhana, Hidayah Gan with Hanan, Lia with Alos, Zulin dgn Pejai,
  • Did i ever mention that I joined Usrah Damansara. I love the people there, encouraging and positive people.
  • I love cooking nowww.. I think i can almost cook everything.. Haha. Maybe arwah mak’s perfect palllete terlekat to me. Eceh.
  • I experience being robbed, and got into accident.
  • Ah, finally just wanna share yours truly picture after 2 years like how kan changes..

Dec 2012 im like this.

Kenduri Nita Dec 2012

Now im turning into this

Just few weeks ago during Raya 2014

And my family

Selfieee….its a thing now (macam cakap dgn Huda 2012 pula)

During Tetu’s wedding July 2013

Until then, lets see when is my next updates.:p

Have a good life semua. Allah is always with us, Always sangka baik dgnNya.

NH, August 2014.


Masjid hopping

I was thinking to buat another masjid hopping..sebab ada cuti this week sampai selasa kan..Ayah pun takda kat rumah dia pergi jalan2 Brunei.

The plan :

Subuh at Masjid Negara sampai 8 am (lepas subuh mungkin masjid ada ceramah, if not, boleh baca quran)

8-9 am Breakfast nearby

10am  Pergi Islamic Art Museum

12am  Pergi Putrajaya- Masjid Putra to solat Zuhur

2-4pm Pergi alamanda to lunch/whatnots

4.40pm Masjid Besi to Asar

5.30pm Tea time and balik

ps : Tak sure nak pergi bila sebab maybe ada bridal shower within 4-7th February.I may slot in any date yg free. I found a cute minnie mouse ribbon headband..cant wait to wore those during the party…


So people are looking up for 2012 more than ever..

I have to work on the 31st of December tp on noon terus scoot over to nenek’s place sebab ada BBQ Party dgn whole family. We always did this and alhamdulillah for the rezqi Allah bagi pada my paksu. Paksu yang cover most of the kenduris. Menu wajib is lamb..I love lamb now..Dulu tak reti makan…Then i found this on 9gag saying

apologize for the inapprotiate watermark text from 9gag.well..its 9gag

Which happened to me quite a lot..Dulu i hate durian, satay, kacang hitam, lamb..but now i starting to like em all..Im getting olddd??I would say…matured. ;p

*zip it *Ok back to the intentional-post, not this this 9gag quote….

Earlier i found out ada banyak program new year…islamically. Whereas i memang dah made up my mind going to Masjid Wilayah for Karnival Mahabbah for the time slot qiam sampai dhuha. Sebab fikir memang tak sempat i nak join any program on new year’s eve sedangkan my family buat makan-makan. Program kat Masjid Shah Alam yang paling i nak pergi sekali sebab…….ada Ustaz NorHisham jadi imam for Maghrib prayers (suka cara penyampaiannya dlm Madrasah Akidah), ada Ustaz Azhar Idrus (i tak pernah attend his lecture considering ramaaai orang mention about him), plus ada Zizan, Ustaz Akhil Hayy, Sham Kamikaze…all those keyplayers la boleh kata in modern da’wah scene Malaysia.

Ni ada link of how the program kat Shah Alam goes.

Ada juga program kat Masjid KLCC sampai midnight. Most this info boleh dapat by LIKE this page on facebook–> Kuliah Di Tempat Anda. Tak begitu comprehensive, tapi membantu.

So i sleep first before going to Masjid Wilayah. Ada story behind why i wanted to go there sangat. On my tumblr, i always reblog anything yang ada good quotes, link and especially masjid/islamic architecture. I suka tengok beautiful masjid. And suddenly one fine morning i google ‘ masjid paling cantik di malaysia’ and the results were down to…Masjid Kristal, Masjid Wilayah, Masjid Besi, Masjid Kuala Kangsar…so i tengok yang paling dekat is Masjid Wilayah..i tak pernah pegi there so i googled the images..mashaAllah its so beautiful sbb architecture dia sama macam blue mosque Istanbul (which is i memang nak sangattt pergi)

blue mosque, istanbul

masjid wilayah persekutuan, jalan duta, KL









Cantik kan?

I pergi for the qiam at 3.30am tapi i lewat sikit sampai about 4am sebab salah masuk simpang..But mashaAllah, maybe Allah make it easy for me and cece sebab the qiamulail belum start lagi..About 4.30am baru start. .Then ada tahajjud, sunat hajat, zikr in every 2 rakaat interval and jemaah subuh. After subuh, ada tazkirah which is beautiful tapi i mengaku ada terlelap sikit. Oh..Then solat sunat israk and dhuha buat sendiri2. I baru tahu tentang solat sunat israk ni..iaitu you add up 16minutes of waktu syuruk dan boleh niat sekali dengan dhuha. Tapi i buat separately. And the imam quote this hadith

“Sesiapa menunaikan solat subuh berjemaah, kemudian duduk dan berzikir kepada Allah sehingga terbit matahari, kemudian dia solat dua rakaat, dia akan memperolehi pahala ibadah haji dan umrah, sempurna , sempurna dan sempurna”.

– (HR Tirmizi)

Truthfully i pernah tulis about this dalam entry ni tapi ya Allah i tak pernah pula nak solat sunat israk (shame of you). I just tak dapat figure why…Maybe ni Allah nak remind me of apa yg i pernah mention tapi tak amalkan. (Which comes to one event i nak cerita later)

And the imam keep on mentioning ” Terima kasih ya Allah engkau mentakdirkan aku di sini” which is memang apa what i feel..and mashaAllah so beautiful his ‘dua to ask Allah to take all the rahmah in the masjid to the people out there supaya semua dapat rahmat Allah. beautifullll..

About 9am, i keluar from masjid to breakfast..tapi beforehand mesti kena tunaikan hajat di hati….

I pergi dengan my cece shes sooo beautiful with purple telekung tapi tak load la gambar dalam ni..belum dapat consent nanti dia bising sebab dia orang IP & trademarks. ;p

Then off we go makan breakfast McD kat PJ Old Town..ya ya i know jauh entah la kenapa situ je i tau nak pergi plus boleh jumpa Aya, my friend. Then we chit-chatting sampai pukul 2.30pm…Lamanyaaaa i tak sedar pun. Me and cece stopped by Masjid Sultan Abd Aziz, Jalan Templer for Dzuhur. Masjid ni dekat2 rumah Hanan, boyfriend Aya so i memang selalu nampak, pernah lalu tapi tak penah masuk. Masjid ni pun cantikkk, bersih, mimbar cantik, i would say ahli kariah memang betul2 jaga this masjid. Maybe jugak demographicnya bagus. Good people around.

Then, pergi Amcorp Mall sebab nak pergi Popular bookstore. Me and cece nak cari some islamic resources book. I myself baru nak sign up card member Popular sebab i byk pergi this bookstore compare to others and selalu dia bagi terus 10% off kadang2 sampai 25% so i rasa worth it..Here i found one makcik yang tegur i belajar dekat mana..Kalau i pakai jubah orang mesti anggap i budak U lagi..Masa kt Makkah dulu pun macamtu..I better with jubah i guess..younger :D..Then i borak dengan this makcik about book and stuff…and then dia sempat pesan lagi..” Jangan beli and baca sahaja, yang penting amalkan”….which struck to me big time..Yeass…yang penting AMALkan…Apa guna baca buku 10-20 buah tapi tak amal….ilmu itu tak berguna kalau tak amal..Which comes to the part about solat sunat israk tadi.

yada..yada..then lepas maghrib baru nak balik..then i stopped by Masjid Albukhary dekat Jalan hang Tuah. I pernah solat kat sini and its soo serene sebab its white and ada white long curtain high ceiling..Sempat berjemaah isyak.

So there goes my 1st day of 2012. Alhamdulillah ya Allah.

ps : Strive to go masjid hopping lagi..Seronok.

found this good link about hadith..A hadith a day keep my ignorance away.

I taknak azam besar2 sgt, takot tak tercapai..So 1st quater i nak solat awal waktu, fahami each bacaan solat and find new job.

pss : I was thinking…..being living in Klang valley is a bless…i dapat pergi banyak majlis ilmu (if i want to)..and being a single woman is a bless ( i can go whenever i want to tanpa fikir byk, tp dengan izin Ayah lah), and having a good friend yang nak bersama-sama doing this…is a bless. 🙂

So…hows life?

#1 Last Saturday went to movie theather watch Thor with ayah. it was goooood. Suka storyline. Watch at GSC Leisure Mall. best jugak tempat ni.

#2 Sunday going out with Lia. Photoshoot gedik2 at PICC. Watch Thor (again) but in 3D. Then borak2 dgn Lia. She’s always been blessed lah. Berkat doa mak dia kt Mekah, mungkin..Her mom works kt Mekah.

#3 Monday kak nina and abg johan datang. Went to BTS ada clearance sales. Bought blusher and lipstick in2it and SG. Suda jumpa shades Zit yang dah out of stock kalo pergi Guardian biasa.Bought 2 bajus. basic tee in dark blue and washed out blue jeans. Ada clutch eclipse sgt menarik.Only MYR30 tapi tak beli pun. Dinner dgn semua adek beradek except tetu at Sri Intans.

#4 Tuesday night pergi One World Hotel to see my brothers performance. Now he perform there with new band. Went with kak nina, abg din, ayah and abg yoi. Ami pun ada. Supper at Muhsins TTDI, kelakar gile abg yoi and mamak situ buat lawak about Sivaji The Boss. We tot Abg Yoi shud join Raja Lawak nanti.:p. Ate roti nan taj mahal, shah jehan and mumtaz khan?? What lah..

#5 Wednesday cutik

Something that has always puzzled me all my life is why, when I am in special need of help, the good deed is usually done by somebody on whom I have no claim. Meeting up with Frieda yesterday is a huge bless.huge huge bless.How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!

You know what you can do instead of moping?

Actually i refer that to myself…..

I can plan/organize my life in a good way, but i didnt..Wanna know my dream-schedule?

5.30am Wake up and shower(everyone know how malas i was to shower)

Goes to masjid for Subuh prayer jemaah (everyday without no avail)

Balik at 6.30 paling awal, then go jog..Finish at 7.30, then cook utk bekal to work. 8.30 finish cook and ready for work. Bla bla..Balik kerja straight to masjid for maghrib prayers+isyak. Balik rumah.Do some lil stuff then tido at 12 paling lewat. For monday and tuesday can go mengaji at Putrajaya. Wednesday at Semenyih’s masjid ada kuliyah on hadis, 1st and 3rd Thursday kuliyyah fekah Ustaz Haron Din at Bangi. Otherwise, on Thursday pergi yasin at Semenyih’s masjid. Friday i regard as my reward night where i can stay at home/go out. do weekend night. Boleh pula ya mcmtu..

The Subuh prayer didnt happen…yet and the kelas mengaji. Pernah pergi tapi bukan tahun ni..Aishhh wakey wakey!!

Masa di makkah i had this strict schedule policy. here from my umrah notebook

5.30am Masjidil haram:Subuh

6.30am Breakfast at hotel

7-9am Rest at hotel

9.30-11am Masjidil haram:Tawaf sunat/solat2 sunat/solat qada

11-12.30 Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

12.30 Masjidil haram:Zohor

1.30 Lunch at hotel

2-3pm Masjidil haram:Tawaf sunat/solat2 sunat/solat qada

3-4pm Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

4pm Masjidil haram: Asar

4.30-5.30pm Masjidil haram:Tawaf sunat/solat2 sunat/solat qada

5.30-6.30 Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

6.30pm Masjidil haram: Maghrib

7-8pm Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

8pm Masjidil haram: Isyak

9pm Dinner at hotel

9.30-10.30 leisure2/rehat

11-2am Tidur

2.30-3.30am  Masjidil haram:Tawaf sunat/solat2 sunat/solat qada

3.30-5.30 Masjidil haram:Mengaji al-Quran

*yang tercatat adalah jadual. Ikut tak ikut tu lain cerita sebab banyak faktor2 mempengaruhi spt time org ajak gi shopping, terlajak tidur, dn sebagainya. hehe..Tapi seboleh2nya mmg ikut kecuali time pagi2 tu kdg2 ada gak bangun at 3am instead of 2.

Umrah Trip- Day 1

I was feeling a lil bit nervous about the whole umrah trip at first. Thers a many reason contributing to it. One, i felt that i wasnt spiritually prepared sebab i felt i asyik keluar je at night 2 weeks before going. Second, im afraid my menses datang masa umrah which is 15th if correct on calendar which fall when we were at madinah.So i was super worried over this. Third, i havent finish reading all the material pertaining to the list i made beforehand. Actually mcm dah ok tp macam otak fikir tak cukup. Just as like nak exam, we felt that we read enough but still rasa xpuas.

Then pagi tu i managed to bangun awal  for subuh then visit kubur mak. I told her that im going to umrah with the rest of the family only without her..and arwah Paklong and i will always keep on praying for her and sedekah all i can, inshaAllah. Allah has fated this and i know they both were there watching us..

Then off to rumah nenek and wait yang tak sampai lg.. On the way to nenek’s ayah lupa ihram tp actually ada je dlm beg, he’s just was-was. Salu cmtu tau..Then masa nak bayar tol to KLIA, tiket cam hilang kejap.Dugaan2..hehe i was feeling a bit uptight n nervous with the situation macamtu..lagilah kan…Samapi sana, solat jamak takdim zohor n asar, then wait and wait an the flight delay smpai 6.30pm. Tapi about 7pm baru betul2 depart. beforehand my friends datang and hantar. Im so touched by that big act to me. Nana is my primary school friends, Lia is my secondary friends and Ain is my uni friends. They all came and i understand its Jummat and ppl are working. having them to come dah cukup to me.

So we arrived at Jeddah Airport around 10-11pm jeddah time and straight hop on bus to Madinah. Arrived Madinah around 6am, that time Subuh prayers baru je lepas..Sayang sgt xdapat Subuh at Masjid nabawi. When pass tru Masjid Nabawi i had this overwhelm feel yang sangat speechless. Macam sayu i dont know why..And sgt mcm xpercaya sampai juga ke tanah haram and berpeluang tengok the wonders and kebesaran and kecantikan Masjid kedua suci selepas Masjidil Haram. Because of super worried menses datang, rasa nak pergi je solat at Masjid Nabawi but semua pun solat di hotel saje. Our hotel is Jawharatul Al-Fayroz Hotel beside Hilton, very near i must say.. ye la taklah depan pintu masuk, tapi ada dalam 300-400m maybe. All the building look the same to me so susah nak recognize hotel at first.

After subuh prayer, breakfast and rest dalam bilik sebab tak selesa tidur in bus yg air conditioner tak function sangat. Then around 9am siap2 untuk ke Masjid Nabawi with all my aunts and neneks. Most of them pernah pergi before ni umrah and haji so tau pintu mana nak masuk so i just followed them. Masuk2 pintu yang paling mudah is 25 and ada guard perempuan berjubah hitam yg strict check bags semua. Then off we went, cari tempat paling sesuai and pray tahiyatul masjid and dhuha and any other sunat prayers yang nak. 1 prayers= 1000 pahala compare to biasa. MashaAllah..I did felt sayu and cried while on my prayers. Rasa dekat dgn rasululullah swt, wallahualam. Tapi mmg terasa…im so thankful i got this oppurtunity to stepped in the masjid.

Waktu solat sini sangat dekat2, Dhuhur is 12.30, Asar 3.55, Maghrib 6.30, Isya’ 7.30.

Lepas Dhuhur selalu akan balik hotel to makan lunch. Then rehat kejap, pergi Asar. Then lepas Asar ada ziarah2 area masjid dgn mutawwif. Then Maghrib, tggu Isyak sekali than balik makan dinner. Timing between Maghrib and Isyak paling mengantuk sekali..Sebab maybe kt Malaysia timing pkul 1am. Siap tertidor lagi. Supposely ada ziarah malam lepas isyak sebab mutawiff nak bawak jalan ke Raudah iaitu taman2 syurga..Tapi me and my aunts penat sangat tak tahulah kenapa..Kitorg balik bilik n tidur.

End of Day 1. 11-12 Mac 2011

Some quote from Grey’s Anatomy:

time flies

time wait for no man

time heals all wounds

all any of us want is more time.

time to stand up, to grow up,  time to let go


CNY long long holiday but strangely….

macam tak cuti..maybe sebab byk benda buat..But all those i filled with good things and something came up outta this holiday..some small business idea from my friend. Ok will come to that part later.

Federal Territory Day on Tuesday. Spending the time on morning logging in facebook.I am such a facebook freak lately. Faiz just finished editing my passport size photo. I ask his favors to change the colour of tudung to black. Alang ask me to amik gambar lain tapi malas ah, i already liked the photo, plus murah skit nak print balik kan..Then, dia siap edit tambah makeup semua..I am soo puas hati ye…So tak pegi print lg pun..ehehee..Then around 3pm, keluar dengan Lia nak beli wedding present Dekna. Pergi fetch lia, pack cakes n kuah bakso dia buat. Lia is such a wife-material..

Pergi Tesco Semenyih dulu kot2 ade bathrobe. Initial plan to buy 2 bathrobe and buat embroidery kt belakang tu Bride/Groom or Dekna/Pidot. Takde..Pegi JJ Cheras Selatan, ada tp mahal..tgok electrical appliances, berkenan tp tak beli sebab nk beli kt Tesco kajang konon2 murah lg. Then to Tesco kajang. Ouch mahal. Pegi balik JJ.Haha tahape2..At the end beli kt JJ gak..Lia overwhelm gila sebab dapat beli blender Elba yg look exclusive in stainless steel at such a low price. Ok lepas ni we can have our smoothies/ice blended party!!

Then balik JJ, amik cuppies,  pergi rumah dekna to help ape patut..Padahal tolong borak n tolong dia tidur lambat adela :p..

Wednesday morning, pergi florist, beli bunga for dekna room deco, hand over to her, then off to Wangsa Maju. Meet zu, guna her celica car to fetch Faiz n pergi photoshoot kat Putrajaya. its a sukasuka photoshoot since zu want it so badd..ahaha..i honestly xda perasaan nak photoshoot sangat. Pakai baju casual je. So it went well. Balik rumah jap amik usb cable then off to Zue’s place to transfer the gambar. Overnight at Zue’s place. I missed Dekna’s solemnization.

Thursday morning off to Semenyih pergi kenduri dekna by Alos n Lia’s car. Bla bla…balik rumah ngantok gile sbb the night before tido lewat, tgok2 gambar. Lepak n watching tv’s.At 8 pergi raya at PD-Alos chinese family. Ok dapat angpoww..hehe..Balik dah around 1am kot.

Friday morning..Lia dtg rumah nak guna internet.I made skirt draping utk pakai for Kak Kema’s wedding.Plan asal nak breakfast dgn dia kat mamak je, turns out gi lunch kt Bangi-D’Limau Nipis.Sedap gile makan sini..Then beli brg bakery lia at Vanila Pastries..Pergi Metro kajang nak cari fake eyelashes.. Jumpa rm5 je.ehehe.Then greatest find kurung chiffon at De Alfa..Rm50 for 2..Can u believe it?? Rasa overwhelm nak gila. Then Lia teringin sate minang. G cari kt Batu 13, kedai tu tukang masak balik ke kitorg minum saje.. Then balik rumah msing2..

Saturday morning. Plan asal nak naik Bukit tabur. tapi kena pick up paksu at KLIA. Ok so off i go..then balik stopped by at Alang’s. Jaja nak buat shoot family since my friend Hiza cancel pre wed shoot. I text Faiz, he’s ok.So petang i pick up Faiz at LRT then g Putrajaya to shoot. Ok memang feeling manager.hehaha. Faiz came up with an idea that me and him do a business based on this. Photography and editing services. I am so thrilled since im so into these things- posing, directing, managing..So i think this is so great. I’ll come up with a plan that we’ll be discussed later.:). Ok after shoot makan kt MZ-Jaja n Shah’s friend restaurant. Then pergi Ukay to meet ummu, see her preps and bajus. Ohmaiigodd gorgeous sangat the bajus……macam ummu lak nak nikoh..Then at 12 smtg hantar faiz n do the transfer of pics..Cute sgt all the pics.

Sunday morning..Lazyyyy morning..Im stuck at bed up till 4pm kot.ahaha. Then siap2 for birthday party Iwan n Amie kt nenek’s place at 5. So makan2 jela at nenek’s place. It was fun. Balik rumah at 10.

Monday morning..yah im still cuti..went for car servicing at perodua’s bangi. Suka service sini sebab murah skit n tmpt best, ada surau, aircond best..Pergi print gambar sikit n beli groceries. Balik rumah makan n stuff..Then Lia ajak steamboat at Johnny’s since ada voucher.

Ok its a wrap.. Penat ok karang mender ni..Tu pun cerita dengan teknik paling malas.

Alhamdulillah sekarang semua ok, inshaAllah. Dah xfikir lg dah benda2 itu.:))