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mobile blogging?

Testing testing


draft pending

yes the PAC post is still in my draft. Might as well finish it. If’ll be like other tapai inside my draft.

He left..i dont know..He just left….

If people were to ask me..

🙂 Happy Wednesday

My babies

aww tembamness of my baby with R.Pattz

my son ni dah umur 3 tahun with papa Chace Crawford

ni apesal mcm pelik je baby dgn Daniel Henny ni

the naughtiest kids with Jared Padalecki kejantanan..ade misai bleh..with Keanu Reeves

Ok dah..aku paling sesuai dengan Robert pattison je..nuff said.ha ha..Eh tak with Jared Padalecki lagi comel

Eh jap..try jadi lessie plak..

okay dengan kristin Kreuk

ps: O ya….i morph these babies here

Nom nom

ye aku mmg menggelikan

I’m hooked with weddingpaperdiva website..Dahla boleh personalize…

Yesterday I sleepover at Ummu’s place and she accidentally saw my wed plan and were furious that I didn’t told her a thing. We end up staying up flipping over wedding n design mags and sharing ideas..(Ummu words: body shop body and bath care and also my guestbook).Her sis getting engaged next April. Nurul Shukor jadi planner cum MUA ok…Gahhh best gila! I bet nanti Ummu’s pun Nurul Shukor buatkan…

Kenduri tahlil Ummu and her mom yang masak..dengan dapur kayu..Memang hard-to-find. they both mmg kamceng especially dalam cookery..

Dah dapat softcopy Julie&Julia from ummu…..cant wait to watch it

#1 Rantings

  1. Dah lama aku xambik gambar..dekat 6bulan xpegang camera kot….
  2. Nak pregnant-photography dgn Jaja sebelum dia bursttt out
  3. Aku nak set up new blog platform blogspot untuk wedding preps~Byk idea nk pour out–> No actual plan of marriage cuma nak ada memories…and start scraptbooking
  4. Job hunting xstart lagi..Aku rasa otak makin bebal
  5. House hunting sgt lah excited especially utk bride-to-be
  6. I love him even more…macam lebih appreciate gitew
  7. Aku dah stable tp emotionally xstable..aku dah xbetul balik…camana nak ckp..jadik pemalas, baca quran pun xboleh hari-hari..Entahlah pandai betul engkau setan hasut aku..
  8. Kenapa nak kawin kena ada 30k..rasa cam membazir gila..baik buat d/payment rumah..
  9. Time approaching nak gi bandung..entah nape xse-excited last 2 weeks…dah cam malas nk alter itinerary,update hotel booking…otak aku only wedding preps..gilo.padahal tarikh pun xtau lg, duit pun xcukup lg.
  10. Hearhhtrob  dah macam let go off me to Bandung .in fact before this he freaks out macam aper je..Plus i want to buy some textiles and barang hantaran..Alang2 dah gi bandung kannn…Eiy ajak gi jakarta when times approaching( barang kawin jakarta lg worth it) tapi karang lari la budget wedding aku…..tengokla cmana

I heart this baju..di cilok dari misi5april

I have hearing problems

Now I know why I got Band 4 for MUET. My hearing is sooo terrible. Am I approaching minor deaf symptom?

When I was listening to Fireflies by owlCity this is what I heard

I like to make my sanity, that predator/janitor turns on me…But The exact lyrics were…

I’d like to make myself believe, that planet earth turns slowly

ps: during MUET the tape they’re playing while Listening test is very so much in bad condition and i barely can hear it. I complained to them but some students seems fine..duh