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Books, mother’s day and al-quran

Went to BookXcess yesterday to collect my membership card and wanting to buy “LiFE Wonders of The World” so bad sebab ada 30% off for members…Turns out dah sold out….im sooo arghhh, kecewa. So I look through Coelho’s title. They only got 3 title of him – Inspirations: Selections Literature Classic, A Warrior’s Life (his autobiography) and The Winner Stands Alone(his 2008 publication). I want to buy one, but wasn’t sure to buy which (reminded myself not to buy many, as I have loads of books at home waiting to be read).  A peek of one of each brings me to pick Inspirations : Selections of Literature Classic. Reasons why..I feels I have interest in literature but never pursuit any. When in secondary school, I have huge interest in English, thus literature in particular. Yeah some life decision we regret kan, I do tapi I know there’s a reason why.










And so I bought ‘Inspirations’, ‘Teddy Bear pop up’ book for my niece (sucker for kids book) and a book for my friend Ain by Wicked author. She’s a west-end musical fanatic. The only, among my circa. And also she’s an obsessed freak for fairy tales, which I find helpful because now I baru terhegeh-hegeh baca fairy tales. Well, honestly I don’t really read fairy tales and immersed. She did, she really did. When I find it hard to understand (or actually ‘believe’ a fairy tale), I ask her and she’ll clarify it.

Oh I pergi lagi bookxcess the other week and bought ‘Everything Selling Book’ for MYR14.30 sebab ada discount Mothers Day. Speaking of mothers day………theres a speculation going around by fellow ustaz and majlis fatwa even? (I am not sure weather Majlis Fatwa dah keluarkan statement haram or still in discussion)  that it is a haram celebration. I was kinda shocked. I just nak quote this from Imam Suhaibb Webb in his post

There is a legitimate scholarly difference surrounding this issue. Those who hold such celebrations as forbidden do so contending that such celebrations are “religious in nature” and amount to imitating the religious rites of others.

Those who contented that such celebrations are permissible, do so contending the opposite: such celebrations are not religious in nature and that the origin of things is permissible unless explicitly forbidden. Sheikh al-Qaradawi stated, concerning Mother’s Day, there is no way he considered it forbidden. He based his contention on the legal axiom: “Nothing is made forbidden except with a clear text.”

It is well known that al-Rajabiyah was a holiday observed by the Arabs before for the time of the Prophet [may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him] up until the third century A.H. and the jurist differed on its ruling. The Hanabali’s considered it permissible, while the Malikis held it to be disliked.

As a convert to Islam and based on my humble legal training, I agree with the second opinion. Many of us, those of us who have converted to Islam, can use these moments to share the beauty of our faith with our families and loved ones in an non-hostile environment. Perhaps, by giving gifts to our parents we can heal wounds, build relationships and move forward. At the same time, such celebrations are based on the foundations of our faith: honoring one’s parents. Therefore, we should engage such holidays with the intention of fostering noble relations and spreading the beauty of our faith with others.

Allah knows best

Dr Mohd Asri also tweeted

“Antara kgnjilan fatwa dharamkn hari ibu, dhalalkn smbutn tahun baru..sdgkn kduanya asas yg sama, bahkn hari ibu lbih brfaedah.”

“Asas Islam; dlm daily life, apa saja yg Quran n hadis x haramkn maka halal. Dlm Islam yg haram sdikit dbandingkn yg halal.”

From hamka

“Apabila benda itu ada kebaikan, dan kebaikan itu tidak menjejaskan akidah, tak payah kita nak pening kepala berhujah itu ini begitu begini..

Setakat nak bagi hukum haram dengan alasan menyerupai orang kapir tak de hebatnya kawan..

Aku pun boleh bagi hukum haram jika nak jadi perasan bagus macam korang:

Contoh: kau tahu tak, menulis ni, dari kiri ke kanan, menyerupai orang  kapir, menyerupai tulisan dalam Bible, Sunnah Nabi menulis, kanan ke kiri, jadi korang semua ni haram main FB, main blog, sms dan semua apa ke jadah sebab menulis dari kiri ke kanan menyerupai orang kapir, haram! Jika nak main FB atau sms, kena guna tulisan jawi, baru halal “

I read about Malcolm X earlier. That name is well-known but I never knew exactly who he was. Sangat ignorant kan. And I love Wikipedia so much(well who doesn’t), it directed to so many related subject. It is a very sad story of a good muslim man. But how good you are, its not hereditary kan but his daughter Ilyasah are doing well. For me, as long as you have a good ethics, thats enough. *Iman tak dapat diwarisi, dari seorang ayah yang bertakwa*- Iman can never be pass down/heritable, even if the father is a righteous man. A Muslim who has iman commits to follow the commands of Allah in every aspect of life. Iman is key to success in the religious realm, but also in other areas. (from Suhaibb Webb)

This entry I quote quite a number from Imam Suhaib Webb. I like his way of giving preach, its mind blown to my liking. I came across to some comments of a people who dislike another person interpret the Quran as he wish. I mean…I think he got it wrong. If the person is true believer and has no intention to understand the Quran ‘only’ on his way, he’ll definitely will try to understand of the history of why the verse is being revealed first. People knows, come on.. Quran is an amazing book, no matter how much you read, you gain new things, everytime, and as what Imam Subaib Webb said, Quran verses is like telling us “ FILL YOUR PROBLEMS HERE”. (That reminds me of writing a post on his talk I attend regarding this). It does to me…and that’s how Quran give so much impact in ones life, apart from understanding the REAL meaning of the verses and its command. To me, to read Quran, theres a priority chain of command that is  (1) Understand the history of the revelation of the surah/verse (2) Practice the command (because not all verses are ‘story’ but mere command from Allah) (3) After knowing the importance of (1) and (2), if it suits your situation and you feel like Allah talking to you, I’d say..why not. If it brings you closer to Allah, why not.

I will give example for this. Below is a verse from Surah . I have few verses that I bookmark-ed because it really does touches me and fits my situation.

I used to amalkan this verse everytime after solat as ayat ruqyah, but now tak lagi…But it really does help me. Reading this alone dah buat I menangis sungguh-sungguh time kesusahan dulu

Ayat 81. Then when they had cast down, Musa (Moses) said: “What you have brought is sorcery, Allah will surely make it of no effect. Verily, Allah does not set right the work of Al-Mufsidun (the evil-doers, corrupts, etc.).

Ayat 82. “And Allah will establish and make apparent the truth by His Words, however much the Mujrimun (criminals, disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, etc.) may hate it.”

If you read the verse, its clearly about Nabi Musa and the pharaoh’s sorcerer. Nabi Musa is being challenged by the sorcerer, and it’s a doa Nabi Musa recite..Its also to reminder that sihr is unlawful and strictly forbidden in Islam. Ok so here we cover the (1)history, why this verse is revealed (2) Reminder from Allah/command, that is : Sihr is unlawful and Allah will make it no effect. Don’t practice and use sihr in any means!

Ok so now I had a situation, this verse is so related to me that I cried a lot as if Allah is hearing every misery I had (of course He does)

*This post has so many revision and having problems to upload it..So the ending i lupa nak close macamana hehe..

*Alhamdulillah i got a new job, i’ll be in a new place on the 11th of June 2012.. Thank You Allah.


Breakfast at The Republic of Meat : TROM Melawati

Well its more brunch than breakfast as I arrived there at 11am. I always love breakfast, I sanggup going places finding the good breakfast around.

When i saw TROM are having breakfast menu by their FB page, i know i have to give it a try.

Its pretty easy location if you get it right..Being me, sense of direction is not always been my strength but im trying to give it anyhow ok :
From MRR2 (From Ampang) take a ramp after Zoo Negara. Ramp dia adalah Taman Permata/Taman Melawati and go right. Then there’s a BHP Petrol on left, masuk BHP and susur keluar to the left through a lorong, theres a signboard of TROM, then masuk kiri, its nearby Bank Rakyat. Yalah, heres the map.

Pretty isolated place sebab nearby shops is still unopened. TROM stands alone, its kinda obvious to fnd.

interior n counter..sorry for the bad lighting.

entrance of TROM

First thing to note, i love the restaurant interior and decor. They’re using wood floor and its very europe-ish to my liking and during that time (i went there on Thursday) so tak ada orang. I suka quite place. Comfortable to chit-chat and do our own stuff.

I ordered Breakfast Platter with a coffee. A friend of mine, Faiz ordered Omelette with Green Tea. Then we add Tiramisu some more.. They dont have a set so we got to order food and beverage separately

Then this came….

breakfast platter for MYR15.90

omellette for MYR4.90

gooeyy Tiramisu TROM style for MYR12

Yours truly with the food and some interior

we are self-proclaimed part-time food critics

It was sooo good.

Home made baked beans,beef strips, franks  ( i never ate homemade franks,crap it was truly heavenly) and garlic mashed potatoes. It feels like you go to someones house and they cook you this… or better yet, you went to celebrity chef’s home and they cook it for you. A meal for a guest, not a mere customer. TROM happens to be a steakhouse and butcher shop, so they kid you not about meat business! Most of the food here is home-made from sauce to franks, so expect wholesome.

Tiramisu which is TROM’s signature dessert is also home-made, its more like an icecream cake to me, I dont fancy freezy cake but it taste good, different from any Tiramisu i have tried before.

I cannot make a comparison with La Bodega’s breakfast (i went there before) as i was eating a different meal but boy this is soo good.  Worth a try if you are a sucker for breakfast.

Breakfast over a newspaper and random chat with good friend. Whats more to love, plus you still got plenty time of the day. Thats the best thing about breakfast, especially during a weekends.

They just introduce their breakfast menu, Another dish is pancakes, egg mayo sandwich, cereal, omellete, scrambled eggs, salted beef/beef bacon sandwich, and fruit platter.
And lunch set for weekdays..A very good deals they got here..

Actually ada 6 sets of this Lunch Deal tapi oh well.., boleh browse through their FB Page, as well as their in-house menu and also a peek on their dishes.

in-house menu : main course

I choose this because location-wise, price-wise, good place to lepak and having girl-talk..
Total damage is around MYR50++…i dont remember the exact figure. Im not the one who pays leh ;p
Oh we ordered 4 drinks actually, a cake, and 2 breakfast meal.

They said a good food is a treasure. It is.
Whats more, its premium quality with an affordable price.

Taste: 9/10
Value for money : 10/10

TROM’s address : Lorong Kedah, Taman Melawati, Melawati Urban 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 53100

Phone : 603-41051370

Oh they open at 10am, wish that they open at 9am at least kan..

ps : I teringin makan Nachos after watching AFC. AFC’s is responsible for my outshaped figure!

TV series on Starworld and foodrants.

Many tv series are highly over-rated. Or now i think , no they are not….Star World is being over-acclaimed to draw viewers to see their channel more. For instance :

– American idols 11 rated as the most GORGEOUS event of all??? Like seriously? Stop saying that, Star World! The word itself tak sesuai, what more of its content. Cant you think of another appropriate word?

– New Girl, starring the cutesy Zooey Deschanel as the highest rated tv show of the DECADE?? No wayyy man, i dont think so! Ok if debut, it might be..Just because of Deschanel. The series is sloppy, bad casting, unfunny and all Jess think about is getting laid. I can rant a lot of this tv series.

Little jess? healthy thing. btw salahkan SW because its the promotional clip.

– Glee. Ok i dont remember SW note anything about it but…i think Glee could be misleading series. I mean, ok say im an orthodox, close minded but Glee is very dangerous for teens. Im so glad im not a teen while Glee aired. And sometimes me and my friends think Glee has hidden agenda to raise the voice of ‘freedom of speech’ people especially LBGT section. Yes im against LBGT, its a personal life choices but you dont need to drag/move people or motivate people to become one. I like Glee in a way it has good taste of music, Broadway thingy, ups and down of a relationship but lately its more like promoting gay lifestyle. Teens who are confused of their identity, become uplift by Glee so-called wisdom and think they should follow their body needs whilst for me..all they need is to be guided and show the right path.  As what Sue Sylvester has said in the early episode of Glee

“You see, that’s the problem with your generation- you’re obsessed with labels! So you like showtunes? It doesn’t mean you’re gay. It means you’re AWFUL!” …Ok scratch that last capital ones.. I like showtunes, that doesnt potray that im awful. haha. No, really.

Blaine, i love u in real life, wheres in Glee my brain keep on finding ways to hate u, especially ur hair...urgh.

– I like this new tv series, Revenge. It has twisted plot, good casting (hunky dude), great scene-hamptons (ada sikit flair of Gossip Girls, plus Eric Van de Woodsen pun ada), amazing costume, soundtrack best. *double infinity*

Revenge cast. Look at their wardrobe.....

– “Accidentally on purpose” is underrated. This show is very funny but was cancelled somehow after its first season.

The cast of Accidentally on Purpose. Davis tu selalu pakai yellow jacket. he's the funniest.

– I always love “The Amazing Race”. I see all the beautiful places in there.. Semalam ada tunjuk Azerbaijan. I dunnolah i always fall for EurAsia countries- (east meet west). They’re rich in cultures and historical building and stories. *i love forts and rustic architecture*.But that episode is hella funny sebab ada task kena cleans up a guy from a crude oil spa. They use crude oil as a healing therapy . Read here

City of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.

Rant on foodstuff

If i pay premium price, i expect a premium goods in return. I didnt have that mutual satisfaction at Secret Recipe. I thought SR is being overhyped. Everytime i stepped inside SR, i try different kind of cakes in a hope that it’ll be that moment when i found that satisfying premium cake..No i dont have that moment, yet. Its mere spongy cake with creme layer.. and the taste is not kickin. I may have tastebud problems but…come least ONE will satisfy my needs. I have tried the overhype chocolate indulgence, pecan butterscoth, choc fudge, white choc macadamia, tiramisu, their cheesecakes, durian range, mango tango..

Im a kind of person who would want to help local brands but it needs to be good. And it has to be im satisfied of what im paying for. And i bumped into this local cake stores at my neighborhood, it was called Kitchen Studio they had this little booth at one of FAMA/MIDA events yesterday. I bought the RV cakes and it taste so good. I only pay myr20 for a whole cake (in an oval shape plastic container, i wasnt sure of the cake weight). I came to a conclusion yang homemade cake lebih best dari commercial cake store. Sebab home-made style, (its my verdict la), they bake those cakes as if thier ownself yang nak makan whereas commercial ni mmg pure business, profit-oriented.

Googled image of RV cake.. Its officially my favourite cake.

*This is all my personal opinion. It does not indicate the real thing or experiences other people might had. That’s what we call preferences.


Nigella Lawson…she’s so sexy

In the kitchen………

Oh tengok dia ni cooking sangat menerujakan…..Boleh saya jadi macamni one day? ;p

She's 51, FYI!

what a sexy cover

i love looking at her..she's just...gloww

Oh while google for her image, found this…she’s wearing a burkini = burqa+bikini for swimwear!

On one side of the world, England’s finest rose is choosing to don sharia-compliant clothing, while on the other, one of the foremost liberal democracies in the world is bringing the full force of the law against a small number of women who insist on wearing their interpretation of Sharia-compliant clothing.

– The Guardian UK

Other sources said it was because of her concern on Australia’s ozone depletion problem and the fact that Australia has the highest skin cancer rating of the world. Health concern so-called. Whatever it is… do you dressed while hitting the beach?

I myself dulu walaupun wearing tudung, but somehow when it comes to beaches, i suddenly became free hair. What on earth kan….but things change couple of years before, im wearing a covered tudung to swim..Well actually i gotta get myself a burkini innit?

Of…hormones and compliments..its a woman thing is it?

My hormone levels are definitely haywire since last 6 months. I dont know what happen. I know i should seek medical help. Professional medical help. but….i still have no guts. After some googling, symptom checking, i think i had this…..PCOS..stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Sounds terrifying no? When it actually means i will get hairier and fatter and needs meds to concieve (infertile)….Perempuan mana sanggup infertile????? Guys will have second thought marrying infertile woman, i guess.(because having offspring’s is vital to them…well IT IS). It’s very rare…and sweet (too) if a guy threw away that grave matter after he knows.

Well actually its the worst case scenario i want to think of im having..And also a push for me to go seek medical help………One deja vu thing is that…while im sulking myself to that delusion, im having a free Sunday afternoon and deciding to read Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. Julie appears to have that same PCOS i was sulking about! Oh myy….it happens after she decided to sell her eggs to stranger so that she can pay her bad debt. That book is hella funny..Im still reading it.

Things gets a whole lot better when my menses is finally came. Praise to Allah.

I went to my cousin wedding last Saturday at kampung. My kampung is in Tapah walaupun rumah arwah Tok Yah dah takde, we still went there if theres any occasion/wedding mostly. Ok all these hanky panky of kenduris……….come to one thing that shocked me big time.Kak Intan is my kakak sedara yang i can talk to. Im sorta a shy girl among my fathers side of family. I dont know why, just that.. i looked back when i was kid, im kinda loner and dont talk much..and do not meet them much. On my late mothers side lain sebab i always see them and dekat. But as we aged, we have to suit ourselves up lah kan.. One thing i noticed, after my mother passed away, Ayah selalu bring me to kampung, thats why i boleh la get along sikit, plus my disaster strike dulu tu, it happens to be the reason we talk and feel the attachments. See…ada banyak hikmah. Praise to Allah. Ok back to the ‘shocked big time’ thingy..

What you do if someone compliment you in an unusual way….Unlike any other..and the person doesnt even know you and the person has no “that” interest. An old man told kak intan that he like looking at me..Kinda ada light reflected back, like an easy going person and would like to cari someone for me…Ok i am in noo wayy to ‘jump into the basket and pull it myself” but that makes me flatter. and… uplift me to retain that perception. Praise to Allah.


Everybody is posting this on FB.Heres the trailer of Indespicable Me 2 singing Banana Potato, a remake from The Beach Boys : Barbara Ann. I love classics….they are (obviously) never goes out of style. Semalam im posting a video of The Beatles singing Blackbird. Kurt Hummel did a remake of that song in Glee..beautiful song. I love how a song is simple and preach love and isnt about durrty thing.


these minions are the cutest. they speak gibberish with a hint of english and french.

Oh, Ain hand me over some of things i asked her to buy at UK. Saje nak try Soap and Glory…i loveeeee it. I cuma ask her to buy the gift pack “Soapers Heroes” which include travel size of Clean on me, Glad Hair Day, Flake Away, Righteous Butter and Girligo Body Spray. The smell is to die forrr!! Its not overpowering yet sweet and womany and almondy. The fact that it leaves my bathroom and bedroom a great scent makes me wanna buy real sized of them..I like “Clean on Me” most. Nanti boleh scoot over to Sephora KLCC/Pavi. Harga dia reasonable.

soapers heroes

Pic taken from plussizekitten

Then i got this fcuk clutch. Nice to bring to kenduris. That clutch comes with fcuk lipgloss, mirror and body spray

fcuk clutch set

Picture taken from ukdiscountshop

And plus Ain gave me this

She got it for free anywayss. Havent tried it yet but i will tonight because i have a movie date…..with Ain..haha. Dragging her to watch ‘This means War’. Luckily ada Chris Pine so dia agree…

Tiba-tiba teringin nak baca Wuthering Heights..I’ve been accidentally bump into many verse of ppl mentioning it and now i’d like to read it. Wuthering Height is a novel by Emily Bronte. I used to read Charlotte Bronte’s title dulu. Emily is her lil sister.Ok nak cari kt BookXCess (turns out ada!)..I baru tau tempat nii haritu pergi nak beli buku Rumi sebenarnya tapi i buy Julie Julie and one self help book plus tolong Azie buy her Sophie Kinsella’s title. Murahhh gile….semua tu each Rm17.90 only, termasuk Wuthering Heights yg i nak cari.

Im truly hooked by Rumi. Rumi is America’s best selling poet. Good to know..:) He is 13th-century Persian, Muslim poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi mystic. It could be the greatest da’wah through poem that he wrote. Its beautifully put. I got my daily dose of Rumi quote in facebook. [For Rumi, religion was mostly a personal experience and not limited to logical arguments or perceptions of the senses. Creative love, or the urge to rejoin the spirit to divinity, was the goal towards which every thing moves.] wiki

Flatters in chest. Butterfly in tummy.

Peplum for wedding dress

Did you watch Oscars 2012?

I heart peplum. I thinks its great as wedding dress. it can hide some baby fat, no? hehe

original post and picture here

Emerald green is the new black

Okay..overnya..actually its a colour yg IN sekarang..i dunno maybe dah lama, late 2011 gitu la sebenarnya.

So sila dapatkan sesuatu yg emerald green. shawl pun takpe.

Jolie in emerald green



She's so beautiful in emerald green. click image for her blog.


SJP in emerald green dress by marc jacobs

ps : Actually pagi tadi nampak Farah breep breep dalam NasiLemakKopiO pakai emerald green tudung with zebra print dress cantikk sangatt.