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Surprise birthday..(i think im getting good in surprising people)

I went to JB without telling him.

I made a treaty(nk ayat twilight juge) with Syera to appoint a date with him at Danga Bay stage at 9pm.

Arrived JB at 7pm, went to take portrait painting, change clothes and Yuyu send me to a box cum seat summore to dumps all pressie inside.

I wait near the stage..Nobody there so i guess he’ll surely notice me once he came near the stage but im not sure he ‘ll came in which direction..So I waited and text Syera over and over to remind her to remind him.get it??if not..nevamindd..So I saw him BEHIND the stage when i look back but he didnt notice me, he was talking on the phone.That must have been Syera he’s talking to. I turned to the front stage as if he’ll only see my silhouette from the back.(ade ker??)..I text Syera ” Ask him to find a red scarf woman!!” I cautiously turned half-headed to see his reaction after Syera call him and ask him to find a red headed blooded sweaty woman. I noticed his head turn into a few direction but not eager enough to find this red mystery.. Urghh I give up.. I finally turn around symmetrically towards his position and voila..he notice me..he smile with a closed eyes..

He didnt move a bit. Darn that guy!I came all the wayyy.. I ran to him with this big red box. I know he’s shocked but biasala guys…he says..EXPECTED..No way man..Ego lebey..

Then we sat at the stage pillars..I said Happy Birthday dak mok(rekaan) and open the big red box..

The pressie………..

1. Givenchy Play Perfume(pics as in Sasa entry)

2. T-Shirt-when i had a job at Brunei + keychain(gila corny)

3. Meds first aid kit consist of Paracetamol, Vicks, breacol, handiplast (nak drugged dia)

camnila lbh kurang..

4. 2 CD’s-Song of Paramore and special video i made to him..(very romantic tau)

5. Islamic Book

6. Portrait painting of us….

Susah kan nak choose satu je hadiah…so amikla semua..hehehhehe

Significantly it means 6 years of togetherness=6 present..since 2003

ps : I never.I repeat never never ever give him ANYthing on his birthday for the past 6 years so this came is a lil something..

Ops by the way this is the ala-shocked bday boy mok

hmm sihat neh ini budak

Our dinner : Rose Garden, Danga Bay. Initially I planned to go TGIF but quite far and its 10 already..Save duit aku

Rounded Chicken Rice-their specialty

Nasi Ayam jerrrrrrrr for birthday..


Here’s the tequila shot bebehh…Uiiiii no lah..this is Lime-ala tequila…xpuas lgsung minum..mula2 cam tanya halal ke x ni..dengar tequila dah seram aku teringat cite Yes Man Jim Carrey pengsan lpas minum tequila plus its non-halal..But its only flavour, bukan alcohol. Ish xnak lagi ah minum benda ni.

Ok baibai


p/s : Sekarang bermastautin di PPUM jaga mak