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AJL..Illuminati and my faith

Stories behind AJL( Anugerah Juara Lagu 24) spread over the internet rapidly..More info you can refer here..

I firstly heard about Illuminati after watched ” Angel & Demon” or “Da Vinci Code”. Now I feel guilty watching and trying to understand the movies. Its just within me although i find the movie are interesting and the story lines developed well. I feel restless along the movie but its really made me stick to the seat and force me to understand it.

Looking many Islamic movie/telemovie/documentary i spend to watch? I rather watch Christinity-movie over Islamic-theme? I feel so sinful. I also feel the same way when people ask me to watch Christmas-like movie..I keep asking myself “Will I go to GSC and buy tickets to watch the movie title Perjuangan rasulullah or Jejak Rasul something like that?”

I recently bought some books but I really interested in Yakjuj and Makjuj book, so I bought one. Cheryl told me some stories about Yakjuj & Makjuj that i dont know, so i thought i must know, and i bought the book. Its good to have a friend that have same perception as you do and keen about these things. Later when i arrived home, i text her and quote ” Im grateful that Allah brought us together””I never had these true passion to gain knowledge about Islam but now I do, maybe it was my mom last gift”

I bought some Yassin to donate to hospital’s surau in the name of Arwah mak and some Islamic book that i thought will gives something to the community or individual who reads it. When I was waiting for my car to be serviced, i noticed there’s some islamic book(mostly about Hari Akhirat, alam kubur dsb) donated by some organization or individuals, i thought wow this is good and when i read it, it really gives impact and knowledge i never knew or neglect before.

There’s also this book that i find very good, it was called “Jangan Bersedih” and im planning to buy it when i come to a point i lose my sanity and think so much about my mom, cries like a child and needs motivation. I also recommend it to those friends/family to give as a present to a person who lost someone.

It was a wake-up call to me. Im trying to dig in depth about my own religion(sounds weird but its true, i dont spend much time trying to figure out depth things of my own religion that is written on my ID). I mean solat is an obligation and we people perform it now and then but other than that..The History of Islam, Kisah rasul, Aqidah..How much did we/I know?

Ok theres no need to explain so much about how I felt but im relieved. This blog speaks within me.

p/s : Ya Allah lindungilah kami dari godaan syaitan yang terkutuk.