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La illah ila ALLAH

Did i mention Afasy is my favorite reciter? Well, recently i stumble upon his nasheed which is just as beautiful as his quran recitation. mashaAllah truly blessed.  My favorite nasheed is LaIlahaillallah. Cantik quality video clip. This nasheed gives overwhelm punya feeling..I dont know but mcm seram and rasa takut and mashaAllah Allahuakbar.(xleh nak describe in words..hehe)

The fact that we sing and zikr sekali…is the part i like most. 🙂

Ramadhan Mubarak all.. I wish that this ramadhan is the best ever for me..inshaAllah. had done few plans and tampal the checklist on bedroom wall. Ya Allah…tetapkanlah hatiku utk istiqamah.