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How to charm someone

To me, charming a person is a huge effort that ones can do. Need a lil bit of motivation, love , affection and will. And sometimes it happen out of a sudden, without that person realising it. Im talking about charming the opposite sex. All while we still figuring out why mars collide, reading through mars n venus trilogy and Dr.Phil philosophy. Is Dr Phil the love expert?

Hey what im rambling about..

My effort to my love life is somehow little but im thankful to have the most understanding guy..:)

I love making logo’s for the past few months/years. Here some logo I made for fun. Im only using Microsoft Powerpoint.




I’m joining the “Rich-Black-Community” endorsed by Faizani on Facebook with nickname Kimora.Haha. Good one.


My 1st Uni fren(F) got married!

This is the first REQUESTED blog post i received from a friend of mine offline. Kinda funny..Kalau lah some big company request me to write an entry for their product/company and i get paid for it lagi masyukk..hahaha dah buat blog pun dlm wordpress, nk masuk nuffnang/advertlets/adsense pn xleh..Bila aku nk remove ke blogspot ntah..tggu wordpress upgrade skit masa lg ah..Eh ape tajuk sebenar ni dah lupa dah..

Oh since i used desktop n theres pic of Moon wedding in it, so its Tribute to Moon wedding post..Hahaha. Mcm dia legend ke ape..


I went to Endau with a bunch group of friends-Onie, Zaza n Aya by my car. It was a bit hurry go-getter because we wanted to be there by 9pm-witnessing Moon solemnization friday night. I’m on my leave and picking up Onie at her Aunt’s home and Zaza at komuter Serdang. Then we rush to Mines to find some handsome gift to Moon.Looking for Comforter set lah. Kt Mines the price were quite high and we’re heading to Midvalley. Midvalley was freakin jammed and full-house. What r KLites doing on Friday afternoon here? Da..da..da..we went to Sunway Pyramid to buy the comforter set..Kt JJ je ponnn..geram aku. Then went to fetch Aya.minah ni pn lambat gila. We’re so hungry then went to Pearl Point to find some food. Aya went there to find us.. Oh something happen at the basement car got her another scratch while manouvering it. Kahkah..Mmg xda perasaan time tu. Sooo we OFFICIALLY depart around 4pm!! Cruising along PLUS highway, took a ramp to Senawang/Kuala Pilah exit (ayat dah macam google maps punya direction)..We took the old-road(jalan lama) to endau as suggested by Onie (hustler endau, yer ah umah dia sane) using Bukit Putuss.memory betul jalan itu since i went to Kuala Pilah Matriculation College last time. Aihhh. Ok cut it short we arrived at 9pm. Solemnization pics xhambik. Esoknya baru I ambik.


mereka yang gembira

mereka yang gembira


huda posing it with aya

huda posing it with aya

konon2 panning lah

konon2 panning lah



p/s : Will continue if i had mood (suddenly lost it) hahaha


I got BIGG plans with my partner..Hahaha still on planning process

Ok i just wanna show off  this picture




Lily got married to Abg “suara-azman-jantan” Zul..haha. Lily’s parent house at Senawang.Kinda jauh nk dekat masuk Linggi jugak..Nti reception August nk pergi jugak ah..:P.Went there with Cheryl, i fetch her at Komuter Kajang and we’re bit late, missed the solemnization part, but anyhow we managed to witnessed the sarungkan cincin ceremony and kiss-me-bebeh part. Lily was sooo preety and her baju is great..But her engagement attire i loved the most.Lil ni sesuai makeup natural sajor.Kalo over nampak pelik,as in photoshoot n launch harituh.

The makan part was the bestt..A whole lots of lauk was there. Me and Cheryl transform macam raksasa pemakan lauk Nogori. Ayam goreng, sayur rebung +perut, ulam + sambal belacan, daging kari, apelagii..lupala pulak..

We met Aida?? alamak i forgot the name also.. Which is Lily’s ex-officemate. She’s a nice person n pretty.

Later we rush back coz Cheryl wanted to watch MU match at Bukit Jalil at 4pm. We went lepaking at Kajang to enjoy 3-layer tea at Mamak, borak n i send her home. I got dates with Nadya,my long long lost friend who went to KL, and i had a good time with her..:)


Mister Potter

I just had to do this review…T____T

My first time of watching Harry potter movie on big screen.

Dissapoint sungguh..

My favorite is the 3rd one I guess..where there’s some competition, Robert Pattison in it.Cedric Diggory.oh Goblet of Fire!

Ok whats with Half Blood Prince? I dont read the books so im kinda eager to know whats behind the title and the potion book Harry’s using. The narrative part wasnt done properly. And the action scene is quite little. Harry’s character was not the highlight, Ron is..

Oh I cried when the Death Eaters killed Dumbledore. Hey an old man got slayed by a bunch of annoying group of creature, at least I show my symphathy.:P..I also scream like hellaa when Harry n Dumbledore went to this cave and looking for some Voldemort 7 thing Horcrux, when he wanted to take some water from the river, and there’s a hand grabbing his..Hahaha it was nothing to scream about but anyhow….Ok the hand-grabber creature also was soo jerking, looks like Gollum in LOTR.

Selalu Ummu yg akan story to me the real thing about Harry Potter. She’ll went mad when I asked too much and spoil her excitement to watch DVD version back in UTM. Ain aku xnk tnya lebih2 nti dia moody..Hahaha

ain + aya

ain + aya

nughol + kin

nughol + kin

Those  were the team who went to Sunday outing..Haha awal gile kuar 9am. I ate at Vivo whilst AinAya ate at Sweetchat the desert place.. Im soo envy..They ate Mango Mountain which is sooooo damn delishhimous.
I’ve just ate Pau Muar which is soo good when i spot  Telor Puyuh in it..yummy..but eating 4 buns making me wanted to vomit already..Xsempat ambik gmbar, but its a bit lembik compare to normal fluffy pau. Its more traditional lah, the texture is more like kuih apam putih dalam loyang itu.

Puasa ganti this week.Gila kan. Perangaiiii….xubah2.

Solar eclipse today. Shud pray Dhuha tadi..

Tayang make-up

kak red n me@ esen mini launch

kak red n me@ esen mini launch


makeup by Zaiton from Nurol Shukur Touch

Its finally end..I’m so stressed out of 10th July date..By the way, i love my make-up..This is a major crack towards this face..Haha.Gila best n everlast wohhh. Zaiton i love uu. Im gonna get those eyebrow mascara u’re telling me! The lips color was fantastic..Forgot to ask what color u put onto my lips..

Kak Red jahat ok..cakap aku pregnant..Taula gemukk..Hishh.She even ask me to check out some slimming programmes. malu..aku belum kawin lg pun..kak red dah anak,kak red is one of female’s famous blogger and her hits over whooping 2million if im not mistaken.I invite her to cover Esen mini launch event but somehow someone throws surprise party at Bora Ombak also to her. Anyhow we managed to meet up..Merciii..

More pics coming up from our photographer Cipoi, Su, Ihsan and many more..


Tomorrow’s a big dayyy.Decision has to be made!

My neck hurts..

The only seat left was the 1st 3 rows front the front screen. I hasnt watching movies for like..a month. After went to Abg fareed kenduri at bangi and no one to pick me up at Kajang since Zu who first fetch me wanted to go somewhere else, I called Shikin to went out and catch some movies. I’ve been crying for stupid reason whole night and morning.Gila.

JJ Cheras Selatan. The movies available to the near timing : Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

So I did buy.

Went downstairs to JJ. Bought american sausage-its huge,im afraid ppl would see me strangely like im so lure of cock. Haha. 2 marigold yourgurt-the cheapest of all yourgurt fams.1 chicken drumet rm1.80.Soo cheap maa and HL milk-my recent obsession.

Sitting in front cause my neck hurt n i kinda cant focus on whats going on the screen as i dont know which one should i see 1st and what the sequence. Ok so i totally can reckons myself as an indie movie critics..haha. My review as a whole to Transformer is that:

  • I do not have special interest to watch Transformer even on their 1st release 2 years back. people was so crazy and nominate it as the Best Movie Ever Produce..whatthe..Eh..this is not point no 1..
  • I cant accept the fact that a robot can speak in English. I was expecting they just murmured with weird sounds n language. Bumblebee is more like a real robot to me. Even if they r soo genius, why English, why not french, Arabs..Oh its because its US-produced movie..:O
  • The plot is soooo expectedly corny and irrelevant sometimes. The corny part that I remembered was when 2 autobots fighting each other in front of the chamber somewhere in Egypt after Sam and the gang frustly thought that was where the matrix key. After the autobots fight and bams into the chamber, then there was it..the matrix was there..Could they think of some other plots for Sam to discover that key???
  • When Devestator is sucking in all of his surroundings into his machine mouth he sucks everything even the trucks, cars but not those humans Leo and agent Simmon. Maybe they just suck metal-like.
  • Sam’s mother eating druggie brownies is some plot that shouldnt be insert. Waste of time. They think people will laugh out loud of that??
  • Mikaela shot of  airbrushing the bike is unnecessary. Alas, i dont think that is the right way to paint that. Cant she just stand or sit straight?Its just a sex appeal .
  • Lovey-dovey plot..a whole lots of kids watching the movie that time..Its not approriate. come the ticket guy allows children under 12 to enter the cinema? its PG-13 isnt it?
  • Leo character isnt good/effective enough to be laugh about..
  • The script is horrible
  • So many wasting time scene..since Sam supposed to save the world, why do that??
  • DO not bring girlfriend to the battlefield…It is soo menyusahkan no matter how hot she might be.

aiyahh…enough la. actually i’m not a Transformer-fiction like fans.. I love reality. Then..why watchhh nughol?

..and i thought i could be a superwoman

Its been so long since i wrote into this blog. I’ve been kinda busy. I never been this hectic since like…..never. I constantly pushed my limits. With this kinda life, i dont thik i could lived up to 100’s..Aihhh i’ve just calculate my lifespan on FB sorta quiz and i could ever lived till 70+? What a nightmare. I realy want to experienced life and do good deeds before i leave this world.

Aihh..emo pulak….

Still editing pics..i got soooo many pending picture to be edited! I shouldnt have promise people lah..Ahh things could be solved if i ever have super Mac. Hishh wanting that soo damn much. If Mac were around, i’ll be totally fast and genious.hahaha..ppl love me even more coz i could pass pic sooner.

ESEN also in a crucial time! I’ve do evrrything i can..Ops no stories of ESEN here..Btw, have a look at By supporting ESEN, u’ll be supporting me indirectly!

Meeting tomorrow @ office and prepare for my portfolio regards my freelance.hiks!

So many things happen and i dun get a chance to post here, pity u wordpress.:p

Start to join forum at again for soo long xjenguk. Aishh bersawang A200 ko huda!

My recent holiday trip



p/s : Convoy wit savoc ws nothing bad at all!! 🙂