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TV series on Starworld and foodrants.

Many tv series are highly over-rated. Or now i think , no they are not….Star World is being over-acclaimed to draw viewers to see their channel more. For instance :

– American idols 11 rated as the most GORGEOUS event of all??? Like seriously? Stop saying that, Star World! The word itself tak sesuai, what more of its content. Cant you think of another appropriate word?

– New Girl, starring the cutesy Zooey Deschanel as the highest rated tv show of the DECADE?? No wayyy man, i dont think so! Ok if debut, it might be..Just because of Deschanel. The series is sloppy, bad casting, unfunny and all Jess think about is getting laid. I can rant a lot of this tv series.

Little jess? healthy thing. btw salahkan SW because its the promotional clip.

– Glee. Ok i dont remember SW note anything about it but…i think Glee could be misleading series. I mean, ok say im an orthodox, close minded but Glee is very dangerous for teens. Im so glad im not a teen while Glee aired. And sometimes me and my friends think Glee has hidden agenda to raise the voice of ‘freedom of speech’ people especially LBGT section. Yes im against LBGT, its a personal life choices but you dont need to drag/move people or motivate people to become one. I like Glee in a way it has good taste of music, Broadway thingy, ups and down of a relationship but lately its more like promoting gay lifestyle. Teens who are confused of their identity, become uplift by Glee so-called wisdom and think they should follow their body needs whilst for me..all they need is to be guided and show the right path.  As what Sue Sylvester has said in the early episode of Glee

“You see, that’s the problem with your generation- you’re obsessed with labels! So you like showtunes? It doesn’t mean you’re gay. It means you’re AWFUL!” …Ok scratch that last capital ones.. I like showtunes, that doesnt potray that im awful. haha. No, really.

Blaine, i love u in real life, wheres in Glee my brain keep on finding ways to hate u, especially ur hair...urgh.

– I like this new tv series, Revenge. It has twisted plot, good casting (hunky dude), great scene-hamptons (ada sikit flair of Gossip Girls, plus Eric Van de Woodsen pun ada), amazing costume, soundtrack best. *double infinity*

Revenge cast. Look at their wardrobe.....

– “Accidentally on purpose” is underrated. This show is very funny but was cancelled somehow after its first season.

The cast of Accidentally on Purpose. Davis tu selalu pakai yellow jacket. he's the funniest.

– I always love “The Amazing Race”. I see all the beautiful places in there.. Semalam ada tunjuk Azerbaijan. I dunnolah i always fall for EurAsia countries- (east meet west). They’re rich in cultures and historical building and stories. *i love forts and rustic architecture*.But that episode is hella funny sebab ada task kena cleans up a guy from a crude oil spa. They use crude oil as a healing therapy . Read here

City of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.

Rant on foodstuff

If i pay premium price, i expect a premium goods in return. I didnt have that mutual satisfaction at Secret Recipe. I thought SR is being overhyped. Everytime i stepped inside SR, i try different kind of cakes in a hope that it’ll be that moment when i found that satisfying premium cake..No i dont have that moment, yet. Its mere spongy cake with creme layer.. and the taste is not kickin. I may have tastebud problems but…come least ONE will satisfy my needs. I have tried the overhype chocolate indulgence, pecan butterscoth, choc fudge, white choc macadamia, tiramisu, their cheesecakes, durian range, mango tango..

Im a kind of person who would want to help local brands but it needs to be good. And it has to be im satisfied of what im paying for. And i bumped into this local cake stores at my neighborhood, it was called Kitchen Studio they had this little booth at one of FAMA/MIDA events yesterday. I bought the RV cakes and it taste so good. I only pay myr20 for a whole cake (in an oval shape plastic container, i wasnt sure of the cake weight). I came to a conclusion yang homemade cake lebih best dari commercial cake store. Sebab home-made style, (its my verdict la), they bake those cakes as if thier ownself yang nak makan whereas commercial ni mmg pure business, profit-oriented.

Googled image of RV cake.. Its officially my favourite cake.

*This is all my personal opinion. It does not indicate the real thing or experiences other people might had. That’s what we call preferences.




Bid’ah kamu cakap? Then yang tnya2 soalan agama kt radio IKIM, kat facebook, twitter tu bukan ke bid’ah juga kah.
Rasulullah s.a.w takbuat pun dulu..Well..perkara mendatang kebaikan diharuskan..Pastikan itu bid’ah hasanah/dhalallah. – some of thing from Sheikh Nuruddin Al Banjari pagi tadi..

Orang sibuk tanya tentang Maulidur Rasul itu bid’ah atau tidak..I’d like to use KeretaMayat word : ” Dah berbuih-buih mulut ustaz terangkan tapi tak faham jugak korang ni”

Ok back to own self…..

Saya suka pemikiran Dr. Maza dalam membahas sesuatu persoalan agama. Dia tak emosi. Juga ulama Indonesia yang radio IKIM selalu jemput..

Saya juga suka Wardina dalam menzahirkan Islam dalam kehidupan seharian.

Saya suka Ustaz Haron Din dalam keluasan ilmunya.

Good reads :

i am seriously fat…this is no joke!

Seeing the weight scale the other day made me……angry with myself…I ate a lott…i know..i i ada goal to reach..lose 3kg by end of this month…inshaAllah..Thus i nak buat diet plan which is…Soup Diet…

Breakfast : Toast bread/Cereal
Lunch : Soup of either – cabbage, salad, bittergourd, chicken, suhun/fucuk, mushroom, wonton and fish..Together with fruits
Dinner : No latter than 8pm! eat fruits or leftover of soup.

Plus morning n evening i amik pomengranate acai berry.

So now every morning I kena masak soup.. Ok senang jahh…hehe.inshaAllahh..
And also i nak cari balik pill yg buat i kurus dulu..NF works on me dulu…harap it works now too!!

here’s the cabbage soup plan..i tak intend to follow thoroughly just a note to self

7-Day Diet: Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Eat as much soup as you desire for seven days and you can lose 10 to 15 pounds. The recipe varies slightly, but includes a variety of low-calorie vegetables such as cabbage, onions, and tomatoes, flavored with bouillon, onion soup mix, and tomato juice. Each day of the seven-day program has specific foods that must be eaten, including potatoes, fruit juice, many vegetables, and on one day, beef.

Day One: 

  • Eat only fruit, all the fruit you want except  banana.
  • Drink unsweetened tea, black coffee, cranberry juice, and water.
  • Eat as much soup as you like.

Day Two:

All you want – fresh, raw, or cooked vegetables of your choice. Stay away from dry beans, peas, and sweet corn. Reward yourself with a big baked potato with butter for dinner. Eat as much soup as you like but no fruit for today.

Day Three:

Combine days one and two, eat as much fruit, vegetables, and soup, as you like but no baked potato.

Day Four:

Eat as many as eight bananas and drink as many glasses of skim milk as you would like on this day, along with your soup. This day is supposed to lessen your desire for sweets.

Day Five:

You may have 10-20 ounces of beef (300-500g) and a large tin or up to six fresh tomatoes. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water this day to wash the uric acid from your body. Eat your soup at least once today. You may eat broiled or baked chicken (skinless) instead of beef. If you prefer, you can substitute broiled fish for the beef.

Day Six:

Eat beef and vegetables today. You can even have two or three steaks if you like, with fresh vegetables or salad. NO BAKED POTATO. Eat your soup at least once.

Day Seven:

Eat all you want of brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and vegetables. Be sure to eat your soup at least once to day. No bread, alcohol, or carbonated beverages, not even diet soda.


Dulu i dont get this 11:11 quote..I was like….what is the big fuss? Okay its

Being an inquiry spirited person, i googled it out..It has many version of the meaning.

1) 11:11 comes twice a day.. because everyone deserve’s a second chance. it symbolize chances in life.

2) A moment where people wish for something. and be granted?

3) Something related to Mayan’s calendar.Of the time the world ends.

Truth is…..i dont even care to bother. Seriously, Allah swt gave me 86,400 seconds to pray, any time of the day.

I’d like to share this from Yasmin Mogahed. She’s an amazing writer, mashaAllah

Think for a moment about what’s nearest to us. If asked this question, many would say it is the heart and the self that are nearest. But, Allah (swt) says:


“It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his nafs (self) makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein,” (Qur’an 50:16).

In this verse, Allah (swt) begins by showing us that He knows our struggles. There is comfort in knowing that someone sees our struggles. He knows what our own self calls us to. But He is closer. He is closer than our own self and what it calls for.  He is closer than our jugular vein. And why the jugular? What is so striking about this part of us? The jugular vein is the most important vein that brings blood to the heart. If severed, we die almost immediately. It is literally our lifeline. But Allah (swt) is closer. Allah (swt) is closer than our own life, than our own Self, than our own nafs. And He is closer than the most important pathway to our heart.

Happy friday…Its a weekly ‘raya’ for us muslim 🙂

Starlight, starbright make the heartbreak end tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might..

Harini dah boleh solat. I wish for a fresh start after balik umrah.

I felt sooo sad lately i dont know why. Ya Allah, please take this pain away. I need to be strong. I need to face anything infront of me with gratitude.

I need a new job. I need a fresh start.

Ya Allah, hanya Engkau tempat aku mengadu.

ps: I pity ayah sebab me like this..dia pun tak nampak happy..My routine balik kerja, trus masuk bilik tido.Langsung tak borak dengan ayah..Sebelum ni macamana tah my life. I need an ish..I need a reason to live..

pps: Kalau boleh nak solat subuh kat masjid tiap hari, balik, jogging and masak. Then pergi kerja. Balik kerja, pergi kelas mengaji on Isnin and Selasa. Khamis pergi kuliah Haron Din/semenyih. emm Rabu kt semenyih pun ada good kuliah..I wish to have a 5-days work.

ppps: kena kemas barang. Seriously makin menjadi-jadi. Barang umrah xkemas lagi pun. Huda! Wake Up!!

Let Go

I had an epiphany.

While im driving…I had this hiss to let go..

Here’s something that struck me  taken from iluvislam

Bagaimana boleh kau katakan cintamu kerana Allah. Sedangkan kau mengabaikan Dia ketika cintamu dengannya sedang indah bercahaya. Sabarlah wahai hati. Doamu mungkin tidak makbul sekelip mata. Barangkali Allah akan memakbulkannya di lain masa. Barangkali Allah ada hadiah yang lebih berharga untukmu!

Aliran sungai merah terasa semakin deras mengalir ke kepala…

Akal : Cinta kepada manusia yang gila seperti itu, hanya layak disandarkan kepada Allah. Allah menarik cintamu kerana Allah lebih mencintaimu. Allah merindui doa dan tangisan hambanya. Allah mahu kau kembali mengindahkan cintamu kepadaNya!

Hati mulai menangis… Sepi… Kesal…

I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies

Today is a big day somehow..I need to talk to the families..some complicated stuff.

Hope for the best. I brought some chocolates for the kids..but totally forgot to bring out the bottled water.

I wore Davidoff Cool Water today. Its sooo fresh. Im starting to love it now.

Tomorrow nak duduk rumah je.I love Wednesday at home. Ntahla. Tuesday ada plans. Friday ada kerja overtime at office. Saturday wedding fafa. Sunday wedding Elliza. Ok done for the week.

Ayah burned the carpet down. He always had some occurance yang tak pleasant tau. Hurmm but its ok.nanti pergi Nilai 3 to beli the tikar buluh and mattress toto. Maybe this Sunday.

Next month nak pergi Sunway Lagoon. Just having fun. I need a perk of my life and balance between spiritual and physical.

I have no plan on seeing any traditional meds practitioner for the mean time. Bertawakal dan berdoa buat masa sekarang. Believe in the power of doa dan menyerahkan ketentuan hanya pada yang maha Esa.

Rasulullah s.a.w telah mewasiatkan kepada Ibnu Abbas r.a: Apabila kamu bermohon, maka bermohonlah kepada Allah s.w.t. Apabila kamu meminta, maka mintalah kepada Allah s.w.t. Dan, ketahuilah bahawa sekiranya sekalian makhluk saling bantu membantu kamu untuk memperolehi sesuatu yang tidak ditulis Allah s.w.t untuk kamu, pasti mereka tidak akan sanggup mengadakannya. Dan, sekiranya sekalian makhluk mahu memudaratkan kamu dengan sesuatu yang tidak ditulis Allah s.w.t buat kamu, nescaya mereka tidak sanggup berbuat demikian. Segala buku telah terlipat dan segala pena telah kering.

This is the doa i posted on my FB wall during my birthday, before i knew something is wrong with my relationship.

” Ya Allah, I dont know what lies ahead for me this year, yet i know You are holding my future in Your hand.Let my ways be pleasing to You. May I’ll be blessed with health, wealth and prosperity. Ameen.