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Gambar ini blur tapi suka sangat. Oh..Personal fave. sweet this couple. This guy macam Ustaz Nor Hisham kt madrasah al hijrah tu.


I’m Thankful

I’m Thankful.

Dear you…

*this is written in agony and mushiness, with the background music of Jason Derulo’s What If.

I want…

someone who can spent hours in bookstore with me

someone who loves cooking with me

someone who can never get enough of IKEA

someone who wont give up on me, no matter what

someone intelligent and share same thought.

more than that,

…..I need somebody to share my happiness and praise Allah with me,

someone to cry my tears with me and make du’a with me, be my imam,

someone to love and love Allah with me.
You are closer to me than my own jugular vein [50:16]

mashaAllahh cutest pic i wish 🙂

ps: I dreamt of pergi haji last 2 night…..mashaAllah….i reallly reallly wanna go. O Allah! I am waiting for the call
praying for the day when I can be near the Kabah wall (Irfan Makki’s waiting for the call)

pps: Lagu montaj untuk bulan Zulhijjah di TVAlhijrah sgt bestttt..Ada vids in their fb page.. Still tak tahu who sang that song. Some cakap Irfan Makki tp i google tak sama pun.

heart this

i bet this gonna be my fav place..if i had any

This kitchen comprises elements i really love – White finish, ada window, wooden floor, panel unfinished brick on the wall, ada table with bench…aaa i love bench, got oven, huge storage on top. Perfect.

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