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Breakfast at The Republic of Meat : TROM Melawati

Well its more brunch than breakfast as I arrived there at 11am. I always love breakfast, I sanggup going places finding the good breakfast around.

When i saw TROM are having breakfast menu by their FB page, i know i have to give it a try.

Its pretty easy location if you get it right..Being me, sense of direction is not always been my strength but im trying to give it anyhow ok :
From MRR2 (From Ampang) take a ramp after Zoo Negara. Ramp dia adalah Taman Permata/Taman Melawati and go right. Then there’s a BHP Petrol on left, masuk BHP and susur keluar to the left through a lorong, theres a signboard of TROM, then masuk kiri, its nearby Bank Rakyat. Yalah, heres the map.

Pretty isolated place sebab nearby shops is still unopened. TROM stands alone, its kinda obvious to fnd.

interior n counter..sorry for the bad lighting.

entrance of TROM

First thing to note, i love the restaurant interior and decor. They’re using wood floor and its very europe-ish to my liking and during that time (i went there on Thursday) so tak ada orang. I suka quite place. Comfortable to chit-chat and do our own stuff.

I ordered Breakfast Platter with a coffee. A friend of mine, Faiz ordered Omelette with Green Tea. Then we add Tiramisu some more.. They dont have a set so we got to order food and beverage separately

Then this came….

breakfast platter for MYR15.90

omellette for MYR4.90

gooeyy Tiramisu TROM style for MYR12

Yours truly with the food and some interior

we are self-proclaimed part-time food critics

It was sooo good.

Home made baked beans,beef strips, franks  ( i never ate homemade franks,crap it was truly heavenly) and garlic mashed potatoes. It feels like you go to someones house and they cook you this… or better yet, you went to celebrity chef’s home and they cook it for you. A meal for a guest, not a mere customer. TROM happens to be a steakhouse and butcher shop, so they kid you not about meat business! Most of the food here is home-made from sauce to franks, so expect wholesome.

Tiramisu which is TROM’s signature dessert is also home-made, its more like an icecream cake to me, I dont fancy freezy cake but it taste good, different from any Tiramisu i have tried before.

I cannot make a comparison with La Bodega’s breakfast (i went there before) as i was eating a different meal but boy this is soo good.  Worth a try if you are a sucker for breakfast.

Breakfast over a newspaper and random chat with good friend. Whats more to love, plus you still got plenty time of the day. Thats the best thing about breakfast, especially during a weekends.

They just introduce their breakfast menu, Another dish is pancakes, egg mayo sandwich, cereal, omellete, scrambled eggs, salted beef/beef bacon sandwich, and fruit platter.
And lunch set for weekdays..A very good deals they got here..

Actually ada 6 sets of this Lunch Deal tapi oh well.., boleh browse through their FB Page, as well as their in-house menu and also a peek on their dishes.

in-house menu : main course

I choose this because location-wise, price-wise, good place to lepak and having girl-talk..
Total damage is around MYR50++…i dont remember the exact figure. Im not the one who pays leh ;p
Oh we ordered 4 drinks actually, a cake, and 2 breakfast meal.

They said a good food is a treasure. It is.
Whats more, its premium quality with an affordable price.

Taste: 9/10
Value for money : 10/10

TROM’s address : Lorong Kedah, Taman Melawati, Melawati Urban 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 53100

Phone : 603-41051370

Oh they open at 10am, wish that they open at 9am at least kan..

ps : I teringin makan Nachos after watching AFC. AFC’s is responsible for my outshaped figure!


TV series on Starworld and foodrants.

Many tv series are highly over-rated. Or now i think , no they are not….Star World is being over-acclaimed to draw viewers to see their channel more. For instance :

– American idols 11 rated as the most GORGEOUS event of all??? Like seriously? Stop saying that, Star World! The word itself tak sesuai, what more of its content. Cant you think of another appropriate word?

– New Girl, starring the cutesy Zooey Deschanel as the highest rated tv show of the DECADE?? No wayyy man, i dont think so! Ok if debut, it might be..Just because of Deschanel. The series is sloppy, bad casting, unfunny and all Jess think about is getting laid. I can rant a lot of this tv series.

Little jess? healthy thing. btw salahkan SW because its the promotional clip.

– Glee. Ok i dont remember SW note anything about it but…i think Glee could be misleading series. I mean, ok say im an orthodox, close minded but Glee is very dangerous for teens. Im so glad im not a teen while Glee aired. And sometimes me and my friends think Glee has hidden agenda to raise the voice of ‘freedom of speech’ people especially LBGT section. Yes im against LBGT, its a personal life choices but you dont need to drag/move people or motivate people to become one. I like Glee in a way it has good taste of music, Broadway thingy, ups and down of a relationship but lately its more like promoting gay lifestyle. Teens who are confused of their identity, become uplift by Glee so-called wisdom and think they should follow their body needs whilst for me..all they need is to be guided and show the right path.  As what Sue Sylvester has said in the early episode of Glee

“You see, that’s the problem with your generation- you’re obsessed with labels! So you like showtunes? It doesn’t mean you’re gay. It means you’re AWFUL!” …Ok scratch that last capital ones.. I like showtunes, that doesnt potray that im awful. haha. No, really.

Blaine, i love u in real life, wheres in Glee my brain keep on finding ways to hate u, especially ur hair...urgh.

– I like this new tv series, Revenge. It has twisted plot, good casting (hunky dude), great scene-hamptons (ada sikit flair of Gossip Girls, plus Eric Van de Woodsen pun ada), amazing costume, soundtrack best. *double infinity*

Revenge cast. Look at their wardrobe.....

– “Accidentally on purpose” is underrated. This show is very funny but was cancelled somehow after its first season.

The cast of Accidentally on Purpose. Davis tu selalu pakai yellow jacket. he's the funniest.

– I always love “The Amazing Race”. I see all the beautiful places in there.. Semalam ada tunjuk Azerbaijan. I dunnolah i always fall for EurAsia countries- (east meet west). They’re rich in cultures and historical building and stories. *i love forts and rustic architecture*.But that episode is hella funny sebab ada task kena cleans up a guy from a crude oil spa. They use crude oil as a healing therapy . Read here

City of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.

Rant on foodstuff

If i pay premium price, i expect a premium goods in return. I didnt have that mutual satisfaction at Secret Recipe. I thought SR is being overhyped. Everytime i stepped inside SR, i try different kind of cakes in a hope that it’ll be that moment when i found that satisfying premium cake..No i dont have that moment, yet. Its mere spongy cake with creme layer.. and the taste is not kickin. I may have tastebud problems but…come least ONE will satisfy my needs. I have tried the overhype chocolate indulgence, pecan butterscoth, choc fudge, white choc macadamia, tiramisu, their cheesecakes, durian range, mango tango..

Im a kind of person who would want to help local brands but it needs to be good. And it has to be im satisfied of what im paying for. And i bumped into this local cake stores at my neighborhood, it was called Kitchen Studio they had this little booth at one of FAMA/MIDA events yesterday. I bought the RV cakes and it taste so good. I only pay myr20 for a whole cake (in an oval shape plastic container, i wasnt sure of the cake weight). I came to a conclusion yang homemade cake lebih best dari commercial cake store. Sebab home-made style, (its my verdict la), they bake those cakes as if thier ownself yang nak makan whereas commercial ni mmg pure business, profit-oriented.

Googled image of RV cake.. Its officially my favourite cake.

*This is all my personal opinion. It does not indicate the real thing or experiences other people might had. That’s what we call preferences.


Last thursday night.

I have somekind of guilt if keluar on thursday night. You know what i mean kan..

Ok turns out semalam i went to Times Square tp catch Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 1.  I used to be Twi-hard tapi dah slow down entah kenapa. Good for me. haha. Pergi pun sebab cece nak pergi. Ask lia sekali. Plan asal nak pergi Big Bad Wolf cancel sebab takot tak sempat tgk movie.

Went there, ada lagi tixs, they’re having 2 hall screening at the same time. Then my phone died.Sampai kena pinjam phone strangers to call cece. But now dah ada Blackberry, cece bagi pinjam up till i got phone baru or figure out nak repair this N97.

I went shopping before the movie. Oh best gile shopping sini dah lama dah tak buat. I bought omg semua cute (ok i sounded retard)

BnW Polka dot tube, peachy knee-length summer dress, Empire cut electric blue blouse with frills , Teal green empire blouse saloma cutting (This my absolute fav) and harem pants. And the whole damage 4 baju and 1 pant only 63MYR.

Ok lepas tu baru tgk movie. urm ok la..i would rate it 3/5..I like her wedding dress, the Isle Esme mmg cantikk, Jacob brtambah hensem i think. I like the transformation Bella to become a vampire. Costume designer best.

Ok random betul post ni.

Bella swan wedding dress now available. Of course it will...more info

Bella and Renesmee

ps: My body has imprinted  Chymara’s Body Shop. I feel good in it. ;p


Firstly i saw this book at Popular bookstore Jusco Cheras Selatan. Tengok, ohh rm10, murah..bagus isinya.Last2 tak beli.

Then i saw my friend Ummu ada on her study desk. I thought..yeah ummu ada, it must be good. Nak beli lah.

Then baru semalam i beli at MPH Midalley. Bought together with mini terjemahan quran. Both very petite size and i like it soooo much. And seriously, murah. Tolong jangan berkira nak beli islamic book and quran. Beli twilight series boleh, islamic book kenapa teragak2. Ok sebenarnya i rarely buy books pun. ;p

AL-MAJMU’US SARIFUL KAMIL is a compilation of full surah (yg byk fadilat and kelebihan), dua, zikr, asma ul husna. Seriously i think ini book yang complete and satisfy my needs sebab i’d like to recite certain part of verses and surah but there’s time i dont bring the quran, whereas my quran is big in size, not so very handy. And there also some dua yang i’d really like to hafal…is in there..So macam truly SuperPack book to me. The wording is clear and the color sesuai, tak sakit mata, senang baca. I got banyak dua books at home tapi those tak mash up together. I mean..dua books lain, yasiin lain, surah2 pilihan buku lain, asma ul husna buku lain…So,  tak praktikal and contented.

Then it make me think..I like it soooo much, it would be a great gift kan to others. If someone give it to me, mashaAllah it’ll be the best gift ever and im going to remember that person for the longest time. hehe. Ok over but serious…it at least satisfy my needs. tapi diff people diff needs kan..But it truly come from my hearts if i were about to give to my friends.

Dont you think it would be great as a wedding gift?? I know its quite pricey tapi boleh bagi to VIP guest/main table occupants. Main table maybe around 10-20 pax je. I saw it online (it was originally from Indonesia), dekat bandung can get from as low as myr4. The cover is in silver or gold, sesuai for wedding. Banyak pahala you can gain if you give it to others and they practice it.. you will continuously gain the pahala. How beautiful kan.

Oh dia ada 3 sizes kat MPH, smallest size is myr6, medium (as i bought) is myr10, big size pun same price myr10.

Some of the content (nak salin semua tak tersalin). It has 431pages.

  • Fadhilat section – fahilat jumaat, membaca quran as whole, membaca part of the surah. The best thing, the surah is full :  surah yaasinn, kahfi, as-sajdah, ar-rahman, al-waqiah, nuh, mulk, muzammil, naba,muawwizat and more and ayat hafalan
  • Zikr and doa section – all types of salawat, and dua
  • Tahlil, talkin and perlaksanaan jenazah
  • Sunah, Zikr and dua sekitar tidur
  • Sunah, Zikr and dua sekitar solat
  • Asma ul-husna

The inside

Photo credit

Yeah buku ni dah lama in store tapi i baru discovered. 🙂

I am a good girlfriend.

and im not ashamed to put that up.

I watched No String Attached last night with my girls, I know its not a good rated kind of movie but somehow takada movie lain lagi..we kinda had to…unwillingly :p. Since dah lama pula tak hang out with these girls, so belasah. (Actually kiki nak sangat.haha)

Personally, the early part of the movie is geli lah..But the later part is sweet. Here comes the mushy side of Ashton Kutcher. It potrays the perfect boyfriend character in action

  • Brings a balloon to the workplace
  • Did a period mix CD while she’s in menses-lunatic cycle. All songs related to blood, bleed, periods and such..sweet..
  • Brings cupcakes while shes in menses-lunatic cycle.
  • Set up an itinerary dates.
  • brings a bouquet of carrots instead of flower because the girls doesn’t favor it.
  • had a breakfast date!
  • drives a long way just to see him/her

I did gives CD mix, cupcakes, breakfast date, flowers, planned dates even tho it doesnt have a real print-out itinerary and did drives a loong way just to see him. I work so hard for the relationship. It didnt pay off but its ok. Im glad i did those.

Zue said im a playgirl..means i hang out with many different girls at one time. And i went out singly..haha. Sounds like a real playgirl kan. Im a one-on-one type, I notice that.

Shot by Rudy Azwan at Kak kema’s solemnization. I love this pic so much. Boy.. dont we look crazy happy? They’re all been good to me. I never thought I could like..ever befriends with them since dulu UTM tak tegur sangat cuma tegur with Wilson sebab dia selalu kacau my dancers team practice kat hall KRP..hehe..and Nazmi sebab dia mmg dancing team and Awang sebab in dancing team juga. Tu pun biasa2 je. Ummu obviously lah is my friend. Puyi’s expression which contra dengan everyone else mcm stood up sgt..hehe

Semenyih clan

Day 03 — Your favorite television program

Ok i’ve change my mind from the previous post which is not so true..Hehe

Greys Anatomy: I can watch it over and over again. Relates to my experience as well. I meant the good scene one lah.

Desperate Housewives: Loves the ups and downs and how real they portray the wives dilemma. The poster is superr hot kan. How leh hollywood always do great stuff.

Ian Wright-American the wright way: He is the funniest travel tv show presenter… ever.

Giuliana & Bill: They’re both are so meant for each other.. At least from what i can see from the show. I’d love to experience such relationship like them. Its mutually understanding, respecting each others will, belief, G is crazy kid while B is matured and sensible man. I always think that B are always right. hehe.

ANTM best..thats all i can say. 🙂

ps: So zue, dont expect “How i met your mother” could be in MY LIST.haha. SO now i baru paham the show, its about a father telling stories to his kids of how he met their mom. Haha.obviously.Before this i thought that the title has nothing to do with the storyline(considering i never came across the scene where the kids lie on the couch)

Flaming Steamboat Buffet

Setelah menggoogle macam nak gila cari location steamboat halal and affordable, so me and my frinds went to Flaming Steamboat Restaurant. I reserve earlier to avoid frustration as before. So get the booking no 1. no 1 ok. Memang duduk betul-betul depan kaunter. I reserve 6 pax but turns out Nita cant join us because of her Granny ada kat rumah.

I pick up Fafa after work at 6.15, then fetch Zulin at her place, WangsaMas, off to DUKE because wanted to avoid traffic jam at Mrr2. I took the ramp Jalan Duta then gone haywire because salah ambil jalan. Wanted to use NPE but out of the blue, smpai kat Federal highway, right at the gerbang darul ehsan tu.urghh kena face traffic jam jugak. Then we arrive around 7.45 at PJS11. Flaming location adalah senang sebab after Sunway Pyramid, take the left ramp ada banyak shophouses just right before ESSO. Since me and fafa were fasting, we bought some beverages at ESSO then cari surau based on my Garmin. Surau adalah dekat tapi Garmin bawak jalan2 pusing2, however we manage to find it anyhoo. After solat straight to Flaming and find our seat. Aya came +10minutes later.

Yay the food selection banyak.. Sangat berbaloi la dengan rm20.90+ tu. i do not snap the whole thing because ramai orang. First got noodles selection, many varieties, then beverages about 4 choices, ice cream about 6-8 flavors, veggies got 3-4 choice, nasi goreng, bihun goreng, lauk-pauk eg sotong masak kicap, ayam masak merah, byk lagi. Steamboat thing ada fresh and processed. processed one place, fresh another place. I prefer fresh seafood la. memang craving sangat.Got chicken, fish, crabs, squid pun dah 4 jenis, prawn, shells, clam. I cant describe it all.

2 soup that is tomyam and white soup tu. Soup-wise..Uh uh biasa je..tak lah really damnly kick.

Pictures of the eaters

i want my crabb

fafah the soon to be bride

amoi in black

Me and mr. hanan the haywire

Ok this is the real "match made in heaven"

Gambar food memang tak ada sebab HP battery flat sebab guna Garmin tu ahh Tapi boleh check out others blog review

foodcraver and

Nanti nak try kat Pandan Safari rooftop Anjung Kayangan pula sebab ada steamboat juga. Rm20/pax. View dia cantik kot nampak KLCC, KL tower semua.

ps: Flaming Steamboat will be opening new branch at Setapak near Danau Kota this mid of July.

pss: Bithday boy/girl get free dine in buffet on their birthday. Just present IC while check out.