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Last thursday night.

I have somekind of guilt if keluar on thursday night. You know what i mean kan..

Ok turns out semalam i went to Times Square tp catch Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 1.  I used to be Twi-hard tapi dah slow down entah kenapa. Good for me. haha. Pergi pun sebab cece nak pergi. Ask lia sekali. Plan asal nak pergi Big Bad Wolf cancel sebab takot tak sempat tgk movie.

Went there, ada lagi tixs, they’re having 2 hall screening at the same time. Then my phone died.Sampai kena pinjam phone strangers to call cece. But now dah ada Blackberry, cece bagi pinjam up till i got phone baru or figure out nak repair this N97.

I went shopping before the movie. Oh best gile shopping sini dah lama dah tak buat. I bought omg semua cute (ok i sounded retard)

BnW Polka dot tube, peachy knee-length summer dress, Empire cut electric blue blouse with frills , Teal green empire blouse saloma cutting (This my absolute fav) and harem pants. And the whole damage 4 baju and 1 pant only 63MYR.

Ok lepas tu baru tgk movie. urm ok la..i would rate it 3/5..I like her wedding dress, the Isle Esme mmg cantikk, Jacob brtambah hensem i think. I like the transformation Bella to become a vampire. Costume designer best.

Ok random betul post ni.

Bella swan wedding dress now available. Of course it will...more info

Bella and Renesmee

ps: My body has imprinted  Chymara’s Body Shop. I feel good in it. ;p


At least my soul is…and I’m happy

“Yes, once you decide to embrace Islam, its teachings, its way of life..You’ll have less and less friends, and yes it will be hard but know that those are not your real friends,the real friends are those who remind you to solat and talk about Islam and share knowledge and stories about the prophets.”

How true.

Though my friday and saturday nights are uneventful and mundane, I am at peace. At least my soul is…and I’m happy

Taken from here

Motivation of the day

No matter how weak you think your imaan has gotten, never let your five daily prayers and your relationship with the Qur’an go.

How I met your mother-funny quotes

They’re funny people.I love them and learn new words a lot. ha ha.
TED MOSBY: Hey guys, Zoey just told me about this great Frank Lloyd Wright retrospective, who’s in?
LILY ALDRIN: Sorry, I’m ummmm…I don’t know, washing my hair.
MARSHALL ERIKSEN : Running the water.
ROBIN SCHERBATSKY : Holding the towel.
BARNEY STINSON : I’ll be home trying to get over the fact that no one invited me to the big hair washing party.

List of films aired in TV Alhijrah

We need some good movies, no? Here i list down some film i watched over TVAlhijrah and collect in from google yo

Children of heaven (Iran)-children,hardship
Perempuan Berkalung Sorban (Indonesia)-islamic
Half a confession (Japan)-alzheimer
Memories of Tomorrow (Japan)-alzhemier
Muhammad Utusan Terakhir- Animation
Marathon (Korea)-autism
Salve(Iran)-drug addict
Heiran(Iranian Aghanistan)-love
*Laskar Pelangi(Indonesia)-children education, hardship
*Harmony(Korea)-woman prisoners, mom-daughter
*Hayat(Iran)- children education, poverty
*Emak Ingin Naik Haji(Indonesia)-Hajj, hardship
Last Queen of The Earth (Iran)-9/11, hardship
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih (Indonesia)-love
Leaps & Bounds (Turkey)-children, hardship,won many awards
Winky Horse (Holland)-children,horse, won many awards

This blogger review most indie-provocative movie. Good listing.

ps: asterisk * means i watched it alredy..yg lain belum tgk.

pps: 114 Alhijrah means 114 surah in quran..wa boleh tak baru nak notice. mashaAllah.

short thought

Hantaran gift. no need

Come to think about it..tak payah ada lagi senang kan.. You know how remeh it is and menyusahkan yourself and others to bring it..especially if the groom datang dari jauh. Its a gift…lagi senang the groom bagi duit haa nah rm3k jom pergi shopping barang apa yang awak suka after the event. Masuk dalam mas kahwin ke..kan. itu what i think of la..Lain orang, lain pendapat..Ada my friends’s sis buat hantaran gift ni masa tunang je, then masa nikah dah takda dulang2 hantaran ni. Menyenangkan..I like it that way.

Double blessing

Everytime its raining on Jumaat, my heart pounds…double blessinggg! Time for dua. Also when i saw double rainbow..double blessinggg! he…

Soul feeder-40 days

I listened to this morning the tajuk “Bahagianya musibah” by this soft spoken ustaz i really like dalam madrasah al-hijrah


Ok i saw lycra kurung cantikkk.I wanna buy la lycra.

egg tart

Im easy.Bribe me with egg tart.

dark brown and dusty green

If the menjahit spirit comes……grab it! It might flew away very soon.

Its actually a note to self. Ada kenduri and i feel the rush to modify my baju here and there..

Recently i bought tudung brown leopard print with awning dusty green..Then it made me think, i got dark brown kaftan..all i need is a dusty green kain/palazzo pant to go with the tudung. (Sebenarnya nak sangat pakai tudung itu)…So now i need to sew a green skirt! I was thinking about the material..Chiffon or cotton or jersey or satin.

this combo not bad eyh

I loooove this styling

from buttonybuttons

Intended to do like this! This buttonmybuttons always ignite my semangat to jahit! simple, pastelly look. wo wo, plus nak beli pump shoes ala2 oxford.