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I love this how-to guide


Masjid hopping

I was thinking to buat another masjid hopping..sebab ada cuti this week sampai selasa kan..Ayah pun takda kat rumah dia pergi jalan2 Brunei.

The plan :

Subuh at Masjid Negara sampai 8 am (lepas subuh mungkin masjid ada ceramah, if not, boleh baca quran)

8-9 am Breakfast nearby

10am  Pergi Islamic Art Museum

12am  Pergi Putrajaya- Masjid Putra to solat Zuhur

2-4pm Pergi alamanda to lunch/whatnots

4.40pm Masjid Besi to Asar

5.30pm Tea time and balik

ps : Tak sure nak pergi bila sebab maybe ada bridal shower within 4-7th February.I may slot in any date yg free. I found a cute minnie mouse ribbon headband..cant wait to wore those during the party…

Vain tak vain sangat lah…….kot

Im a sucker for good photos thus i love photography.. But the feeling semacam ter-retard sebab my DSLR dah kena kebas masa rumah kena pecah the other day…..So now im camera-less and pinjam compact camera ayah or rely on Lia’s Canon DSLR camera yang sangat best.. Oh my, i wonder why i didnt know Canon sangat awesome. So i survey2 lah camera and mcm takmau pakai DSLR lagi lah susah nk carry. So im eyeing on Canon Powershot G13 or S95…Both awesomeeeee!Price-wise pun ok between RM1300-Rm1500. Tapi reseller tu suggest i pakai S95 sebab senang masuk bag and dia bagus shoot during the night and work like a charm under low light. Belum decide lagi sebab mcm nak saving sikit.

Ok …i have one Nigel Barker-wannabe friend yang suka shoot in any freakin theme.. He lovesss photo-shooting. I love em too tapi kalau mood muka pimply datang mmg malas lah..(tapi layan jugak). While i went to Singapore for the sake of work the other day and ada one day off, so kitorang buat fun photoshooting.Here’s the outcome…

ni ori pic..tak edit...


agak vain sedikit..pfftt


ini wannabe sangat...tapi i love the outcome...


feeling ANTM..;p

Ok slap me hard if i look so poyo..hahaha..tapi photo shooting is a therapy for me and seeing good photo IS a therapy for me.

If anyone need a good retouching/editing to your normal picture, do contact me. Satisfaction guaranteed. Aceceh. ;p



Entah kenapa nak tgok orang pakai songket.

I reallly like pengantin yang pilih untuk pakai songket.. Its traditional, tak seksi you dont have to be super skinny.. here some pic from google

and this pic here :

(its rights reserved) but ho maii cantikkk this couple punya colour choice saya suka.

from this blogger :

Tetibe ye..btw, my friend ask me to be her pengapit…Ya Allah im soo happy for both of them. And they’re like ” Ohh huda you must be our pengapit because you were there teman me on our first date”..Yeah i was there..;p..Ya Allah, you two hv  been blessed inshaAllah..Amin.

I passed by this status on facebook that….urmm make me smile..

Janganlah kamu yang sudah berkahwin mempersendakan pada mereka yang belum berkahwin. Janganlah kamu berbangga sudah berkahwin kepada mereka yang belum berkahwin. Kerana mereka yang belum berkahwin itu , ALLAH telah mengaturkan jodohnya yang baik-baik dan mereka yang belum berkahwin itu , ALLAH telah mencintainya dan bukan sebarangan orang yang boleh menyentuh hatinya… (Amin…) renung2 kn slmt beramal~


Memang tak ada pun orang mempersendakan…Just saying.. Tahun ni ramaiii my rapat friends will get married. May Allah swt make it easy for us all…Amin.

mobile blogging?

Testing testing

Allahummar hamna bil Quran

I gotta share this!!!
Its sooooo beautiful mashaAllah beyond words..Please please do take some time to listen to this.

I was looking for the end-song title for madrasah syariah TValhijrah- doa khatam quran but couldnt find..I love that version.
But i found this..which is as beautiful as what im looking for.

I was moved by this part
”  Ya Allah ingatkanlah kami ketika lupa serta bimbinglah kami ketika kami tidak mengetahui serta jadikanlah Al-Quran itu hujjah bagi kami ”

Beforehand…i dont know what strikes lah..i was talking to my friend Zu about the existence of Dinosour and why it was so big..(i actually forgot the essence of this issue)
A few months before pun i ada discuss with a friend yang we think dinosaur is exist together with human and that time human was so big that the image of dinosaur is as it was a size of chicken now. Based on the fact that Nabi Adam a.s is the first makhluk Allah swt created..

Zue gave me some enlightenment on this..and yes it was wrong..wallahualam..because based on the archeology finds, that dinosaur is million years must have been existed before human.

here some reading links

I’d like to quote their post (which conclude my findings)
” Iman tidak akan meningkat atau turun samada seseorang itu percaya kepada dinosaur atau tidak. Telah diriwayatkan bahawa Nabi saw melarang kita dari
memenuhi diri kita dengan perkara yang boleh mengkusutkan (confuse) dan tidak jelas. Kita juga tahu bahawa ramai orang yang berbeza pendapat samada
dinosaur wujud atau ia satu jenis imiginasi. Allah yang tahu sebaiknya.”[1]

” Dinosaur tidak disebut di dalam al-Quran secara tepat bukan bererti tidak penting tetapi itu adalah anugerah Allah untuk manusia supaya manusia mencari
dan mengkaji masa lalu dan apa hubungannya degan kehidupan sekarang dan juga untuk masa depan . Bukankah itu salah satu tujuan Allah menciptakan manusia
sebagai khalifah di muka bumi ” [2]

” Akhirnya, manusia adalah wakil terakhir Allah SWT di muka Bumi ini. Dan kita sebagai umat Muhammad pula adalah khalifah terakhir daripada wakil terakhir
Allah swt di muka bumi sebelum Allah swt ‘sediakan’ kiamat untuk kita semua. Sesungguhnya, Adam as bukanlah makhluk pertama tetapi ia adalah manusia pertama
di muka bumi. Waallahualam.. ” [3]

ps : found an ustazah that can gives me extensive quran recitation clasess. It starts this friday..(happy mode). Alhamdulillah.


So people are looking up for 2012 more than ever..

I have to work on the 31st of December tp on noon terus scoot over to nenek’s place sebab ada BBQ Party dgn whole family. We always did this and alhamdulillah for the rezqi Allah bagi pada my paksu. Paksu yang cover most of the kenduris. Menu wajib is lamb..I love lamb now..Dulu tak reti makan…Then i found this on 9gag saying

apologize for the inapprotiate watermark text from 9gag.well..its 9gag

Which happened to me quite a lot..Dulu i hate durian, satay, kacang hitam, lamb..but now i starting to like em all..Im getting olddd??I would say…matured. ;p

*zip it *Ok back to the intentional-post, not this this 9gag quote….

Earlier i found out ada banyak program new year…islamically. Whereas i memang dah made up my mind going to Masjid Wilayah for Karnival Mahabbah for the time slot qiam sampai dhuha. Sebab fikir memang tak sempat i nak join any program on new year’s eve sedangkan my family buat makan-makan. Program kat Masjid Shah Alam yang paling i nak pergi sekali sebab…….ada Ustaz NorHisham jadi imam for Maghrib prayers (suka cara penyampaiannya dlm Madrasah Akidah), ada Ustaz Azhar Idrus (i tak pernah attend his lecture considering ramaaai orang mention about him), plus ada Zizan, Ustaz Akhil Hayy, Sham Kamikaze…all those keyplayers la boleh kata in modern da’wah scene Malaysia.

Ni ada link of how the program kat Shah Alam goes.

Ada juga program kat Masjid KLCC sampai midnight. Most this info boleh dapat by LIKE this page on facebook–> Kuliah Di Tempat Anda. Tak begitu comprehensive, tapi membantu.

So i sleep first before going to Masjid Wilayah. Ada story behind why i wanted to go there sangat. On my tumblr, i always reblog anything yang ada good quotes, link and especially masjid/islamic architecture. I suka tengok beautiful masjid. And suddenly one fine morning i google ‘ masjid paling cantik di malaysia’ and the results were down to…Masjid Kristal, Masjid Wilayah, Masjid Besi, Masjid Kuala Kangsar…so i tengok yang paling dekat is Masjid Wilayah..i tak pernah pegi there so i googled the images..mashaAllah its so beautiful sbb architecture dia sama macam blue mosque Istanbul (which is i memang nak sangattt pergi)

blue mosque, istanbul

masjid wilayah persekutuan, jalan duta, KL









Cantik kan?

I pergi for the qiam at 3.30am tapi i lewat sikit sampai about 4am sebab salah masuk simpang..But mashaAllah, maybe Allah make it easy for me and cece sebab the qiamulail belum start lagi..About 4.30am baru start. .Then ada tahajjud, sunat hajat, zikr in every 2 rakaat interval and jemaah subuh. After subuh, ada tazkirah which is beautiful tapi i mengaku ada terlelap sikit. Oh..Then solat sunat israk and dhuha buat sendiri2. I baru tahu tentang solat sunat israk ni..iaitu you add up 16minutes of waktu syuruk dan boleh niat sekali dengan dhuha. Tapi i buat separately. And the imam quote this hadith

“Sesiapa menunaikan solat subuh berjemaah, kemudian duduk dan berzikir kepada Allah sehingga terbit matahari, kemudian dia solat dua rakaat, dia akan memperolehi pahala ibadah haji dan umrah, sempurna , sempurna dan sempurna”.

– (HR Tirmizi)

Truthfully i pernah tulis about this dalam entry ni tapi ya Allah i tak pernah pula nak solat sunat israk (shame of you). I just tak dapat figure why…Maybe ni Allah nak remind me of apa yg i pernah mention tapi tak amalkan. (Which comes to one event i nak cerita later)

And the imam keep on mentioning ” Terima kasih ya Allah engkau mentakdirkan aku di sini” which is memang apa what i feel..and mashaAllah so beautiful his ‘dua to ask Allah to take all the rahmah in the masjid to the people out there supaya semua dapat rahmat Allah. beautifullll..

About 9am, i keluar from masjid to breakfast..tapi beforehand mesti kena tunaikan hajat di hati….

I pergi dengan my cece shes sooo beautiful with purple telekung tapi tak load la gambar dalam ni..belum dapat consent nanti dia bising sebab dia orang IP & trademarks. ;p

Then off we go makan breakfast McD kat PJ Old Town..ya ya i know jauh entah la kenapa situ je i tau nak pergi plus boleh jumpa Aya, my friend. Then we chit-chatting sampai pukul 2.30pm…Lamanyaaaa i tak sedar pun. Me and cece stopped by Masjid Sultan Abd Aziz, Jalan Templer for Dzuhur. Masjid ni dekat2 rumah Hanan, boyfriend Aya so i memang selalu nampak, pernah lalu tapi tak penah masuk. Masjid ni pun cantikkk, bersih, mimbar cantik, i would say ahli kariah memang betul2 jaga this masjid. Maybe jugak demographicnya bagus. Good people around.

Then, pergi Amcorp Mall sebab nak pergi Popular bookstore. Me and cece nak cari some islamic resources book. I myself baru nak sign up card member Popular sebab i byk pergi this bookstore compare to others and selalu dia bagi terus 10% off kadang2 sampai 25% so i rasa worth it..Here i found one makcik yang tegur i belajar dekat mana..Kalau i pakai jubah orang mesti anggap i budak U lagi..Masa kt Makkah dulu pun macamtu..I better with jubah i guess..younger :D..Then i borak dengan this makcik about book and stuff…and then dia sempat pesan lagi..” Jangan beli and baca sahaja, yang penting amalkan”….which struck to me big time..Yeass…yang penting AMALkan…Apa guna baca buku 10-20 buah tapi tak amal….ilmu itu tak berguna kalau tak amal..Which comes to the part about solat sunat israk tadi.

yada..yada..then lepas maghrib baru nak balik..then i stopped by Masjid Albukhary dekat Jalan hang Tuah. I pernah solat kat sini and its soo serene sebab its white and ada white long curtain high ceiling..Sempat berjemaah isyak.

So there goes my 1st day of 2012. Alhamdulillah ya Allah.

ps : Strive to go masjid hopping lagi..Seronok.

found this good link about hadith..A hadith a day keep my ignorance away.

I taknak azam besar2 sgt, takot tak tercapai..So 1st quater i nak solat awal waktu, fahami each bacaan solat and find new job.

pss : I was thinking…..being living in Klang valley is a bless…i dapat pergi banyak majlis ilmu (if i want to)..and being a single woman is a bless ( i can go whenever i want to tanpa fikir byk, tp dengan izin Ayah lah), and having a good friend yang nak bersama-sama doing this…is a bless. 🙂