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Breakfast at The Republic of Meat : TROM Melawati

Well its more brunch than breakfast as I arrived there at 11am. I always love breakfast, I sanggup going places finding the good breakfast around.

When i saw TROM are having breakfast menu by their FB page, i know i have to give it a try.

Its pretty easy location if you get it right..Being me, sense of direction is not always been my strength but im trying to give it anyhow ok :
From MRR2 (From Ampang) take a ramp after Zoo Negara. Ramp dia adalah Taman Permata/Taman Melawati and go right. Then there’s a BHP Petrol on left, masuk BHP and susur keluar to the left through a lorong, theres a signboard of TROM, then masuk kiri, its nearby Bank Rakyat. Yalah, heres the map.

Pretty isolated place sebab nearby shops is still unopened. TROM stands alone, its kinda obvious to fnd.

interior n counter..sorry for the bad lighting.

entrance of TROM

First thing to note, i love the restaurant interior and decor. They’re using wood floor and its very europe-ish to my liking and during that time (i went there on Thursday) so tak ada orang. I suka quite place. Comfortable to chit-chat and do our own stuff.

I ordered Breakfast Platter with a coffee. A friend of mine, Faiz ordered Omelette with Green Tea. Then we add Tiramisu some more.. They dont have a set so we got to order food and beverage separately

Then this came….

breakfast platter for MYR15.90

omellette for MYR4.90

gooeyy Tiramisu TROM style for MYR12

Yours truly with the food and some interior

we are self-proclaimed part-time food critics

It was sooo good.

Home made baked beans,beef strips, franks¬† ( i never ate homemade franks,crap it was truly heavenly) and garlic mashed potatoes. It feels like you go to someones house and they cook you this… or better yet, you went to celebrity chef’s home and they cook it for you. A meal for a guest, not a mere customer. TROM happens to be a steakhouse and butcher shop, so they kid you not about meat business! Most of the food here is home-made from sauce to franks, so expect wholesome.

Tiramisu which is TROM’s signature dessert is also home-made, its more like an icecream cake to me, I dont fancy freezy cake but it taste good, different from any Tiramisu i have tried before.

I cannot make a comparison with La Bodega’s breakfast (i went there before) as i was eating a different meal but boy this is soo good.¬† Worth a try if you are a sucker for breakfast.

Breakfast over a newspaper and random chat with good friend. Whats more to love, plus you still got plenty time of the day. Thats the best thing about breakfast, especially during a weekends.

They just introduce their breakfast menu, Another dish is pancakes, egg mayo sandwich, cereal, omellete, scrambled eggs, salted beef/beef bacon sandwich, and fruit platter.
And lunch set for weekdays..A very good deals they got here..

Actually ada 6 sets of this Lunch Deal tapi oh well.., boleh browse through their FB Page, as well as their in-house menu and also a peek on their dishes.

in-house menu : main course

I choose this because location-wise, price-wise, good place to lepak and having girl-talk..
Total damage is around MYR50++…i dont remember the exact figure. Im not the one who pays leh ;p
Oh we ordered 4 drinks actually, a cake, and 2 breakfast meal.

They said a good food is a treasure. It is.
Whats more, its premium quality with an affordable price.

Taste: 9/10
Value for money : 10/10

TROM’s address : Lorong Kedah, Taman Melawati, Melawati Urban 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 53100

Phone : 603-41051370

Oh they open at 10am, wish that they open at 9am at least kan..

ps : I teringin makan Nachos after watching AFC. AFC’s is responsible for my outshaped figure!